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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The News (Chapter One) by Erin Hunter (Tanneka)

The Hollow: The Mysterious Town

Chapter 1 - The News

In a small town where no one hardly ever goes is a family who thinks they rule the world. The Queen of the family and mayor of the town, Ana, has placed very strict rules on who can be in the town and also their reasons. Queen Ana has guards posted on every side of the town and they have the list of names of the residents. She allows no one to leave either unless there is an issue with a member of the family.

According to legend, Queen Ana Lysa Elite has been there for over a thousand years wishing the town would die into a very small thin population so her family could overrun the family that was there before her which was the Caldwell. Jamison was the current leader and most of his family moved out of the town once he died in a war with the Elites Queen Ana came into power. Although, Joelle, the queen's daughter, had her doubts about the legend. If at all chance her mother would die the town would be hers that made Joelle start to wonder how it would continue if Joelle ever died. She wanted to have a daughter or son of some sorts but her mother believed that vampires can't get pregnant because they are creatures of the night that are forever living in an undead world. Yet, Joelle was going to try her hardest to get a son or daughter of her own.

"Mom, I want a baby." Princess Joelle said at dinner one day. Their dinner was a human that was found dead outside near the gates of the town.
"Why?" Queen Ana said.
"I want one because what if you die and then I died to. There is no one who will take the thrown." Joelle responded.
"I suppose your right on that one but I do have to say I'm not very fond of our kind having children. Do you know how much stress that can put on you? It could very well kill you. We just don't know." Ana said.
"Mom, please let me try. I will go to the hospital every day and make sure my body is handling it properly." Joelle answered.
"Fine. Just this once, Joelle. If you die, I don't know what our line will do." Ana said.
"Are you serious, mom? I'm allowed to?" Joelle said all excitedly.
"Yes," Ana said, "Tomorrow we will royally announce it."
"Thank you mom!" Joelle said.
"Your welcome, sweetie. Just please make sure you do what the doctors tell you to do, I don't want to loose you. Your too pretty and young to die." Ana said.
Joelle went to bed happy that night. She went inside her coffin and slept until morning. Joelle was ready for the royal announcement to be made. She put on her favorite black dress that was embellished with red lace and had a long black satin train. She had worn it to every royal announcement the queen has ever made. They went to the formal press room and the queen got all the news reporters together, so that it would be aired on the television for all the vampires to see.
"We are here at the royal press room with big exciting news about the Princess. The Queen is here to tell you what it is." Hazel said with a gleaming smile on the camera for the world to see.
"Family, I'm proud to announce that my very beautiful Princess Joelle, my only daughter, has decided to have my granddaughter or grandson. She wants to do this and I officially today give her my royal blessing to do so." Queen Ana said looking at the cameras around the room.
"Princess, Why do you want a child?" Hazel questioned.
"I would like a child because if my mother ever died and if I would ever die, I would want our line to keep the royal throne. I believe it is an obligation to have a child for that purpose." Princess Joelle said.
"We are vampires, it is hard to kill our kind. What would make you think that it is an obligation?" Hazel questioned again.
"I believe it is an obligation because if we ever got into a war with another clan, we could die and who would take over the royal throne then if both me and my mother died by some bizarre person in that clan?" Princess Joelle said.
"You are correct then to do this, Princess," Hazel said then turned back to the cameras, "Well you have heard here at the Royal Announcement room that Princess Joelle will be having a baby. Back to our regular programming."
The commotion of the room made Joelle dizzy. She felt like the questions of why she would want to do something was not right. Everyone went back to the castle and the reporters left. Joelle had some research to do at the hospital and asked to leave the castle.
"Of course, Joelle, go ahead. We need to start this adventure soon. I'm sure you are ready for this." Queen Ana said.
"Thank you, mom. I will be back before the sun sets." Princess Joelle responded and left the castle with her royal body guard.

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