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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer..Demons Within - part 3a - by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

Lilian sat beside her mothers bedside awaiting news from the doctor about how the treatment went. Through the window the sun was shining on the patient in the next bed, who had just been transfered from an institution across town. She stepped a little closer to the sheet-covered figure and was startled by what she heard. It was not the voice of an older lady like she expected but the cries of a very young child. She, much like her mother, was a very nurturing person and felt drawn to whoever was under there but afraid she'd hurt the child she stepped away and returned to reading her book. The hustle and bustle of the hospital made it hard to concentrate on reading because her mind was focused on the whimpering cries from the next bed. Suddenly over the speaker came an announcement requesting that she go to treatment room 3.

In the room were a team of doctors and Dr. Luna motioned her to sit down. Lilian took a seat while glancing quickly around the room at their faces and knew whatever she was called here for couldn't be good, since none of them were smiling. Everyone was silent for several moments then Dr Luna spoke saying, "I'm sorry but it doesn't look good." Before another word was spoken Lilian's face fell into her hands and she burst into tears. The kind older male doctor sitting next to her placed his hand on her shoulder offering as much comfort as was allowed by someone in his position. Lilian took a deep breath and asked the doctors to tell her everything. The meeting went on for close to an hour discussing her mother's condition in great detail regarding what to expect in the future. After being given answers to her questions she left the room and went outside for some fresh air.

Once outside she sat on a bench near the entrance and her mind drifted away from the information overload. She had just found out her mother's illness was not getting better and would likely only get worse, which would end up leaving her totally dependent on someone with no memory of her life as it once was, or even on a day too day basis. The treatments being quite scary for her mother left the doctors no choice but to put her to sleep during them, which also came with its complications. Each time after the treatments, it would take longer for her mother to wake up and this was often followed by very violent fits. Her mind suddenly turned its attention to the little girl in the next bed. She feared it may be a frightening experience for the child so she proceeded back inside and to the front desk. A moment passed and a shadow appeared walking toward the window to greet her. it was a very large framed scary cranky looking nurse who grumbled at Lilian nastily. The attitude of the lady angered her but she continued too explain the fear about the girl in her mothers room and the fits. The nurse grunted at her saying, "listen lady, why are you telling me this; its none of my concern." With that Lilian said, "FINE," and stomped upstairs back onto the floor in hopes of finding another nurse better able too handle the situation.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs, she finds a nurse and again tries explaining her concern The nurse sees the look of panic on her face and very nicely sits with her on a bench to calm her down, asking her too explain whats going on. Lilian started by stating her mothers problems and her concern for the little girl in the same room, giving the nurse full details. After several moments of silence the nurse said it was better for her not to mess with that child and not to worry about it further. Feeling disappointed and let down, she returned too her mothers room.

Upon entering the room she saw that her mother was laying in her bed still asleep after her treatment. She wandered to the window but moments later was startled by Dr. Luna. They exchanged a few words but Lilian couldn't help but to question the doctor about the little girl in the same room. She got a similar response as to the situation being best left alone. As both of them sat chatting together, her mother finally woke and as she had predicted it was in a violent fit but, much to her surprise, it didn't scary the little girl. She felt relieved at this but puzzled. For anyone, a fit such as those her mother had, would be scary, especially for a child. The violent thrashing and screaming seemed to some how calm the girl, allowing her too come out from the covers she had been hiding under. Lilian glanced at the child, whose eyes were red from crying, and tried too walk closer, but back under the covers the girl went. The room fell silent as her mother lay lifeless on the bed. The screaming and thrashing stopped almost as quickly as it had erupted. The doctor examined her mother for a heartbeat and, with a sigh of relief, was able to tell her that her mother was still alive but had fallen into a coma-like state. It would take several days of tests before they would be able to know what happened, and Lilian knew that meant this was the beginning of a waiting game. It being as late as it was, she decided it best to stay the night beside her mother. All was peaceful for her mother until the early hours of the morning when once again she was taken by a fit. Lilian rushed too the nurses desk for someone too contact Dr. Luna. The nurse paged Dr. Luna and, upon meeting at the desk, all three ladies returned too her mothers room.

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