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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hands of fate - part 2 by Relay Caedmon

The Preaching had taken some time and my bench neigbours didnt noticed but i laid my hand on an old lady who had the mark further back She just closed her eyes and nobody really saw what happened.
I wonder i wonder if i should notice people that she is dead?

"Hey this lady over there she is dead" NO that is not a good idea right now. For them i am just a guest nothing more.
I turn my head back and see how it looks like, she is sleeping. People is singing from their noteblocks, i close my eyes and enjoy the song and the atmosphere it brings in this moment.

The man in front laying in the coffin was one of all people i laid my hand on. He was a honorable man dying of cancer, his relatives wanted to put the end of his misery, and the doctor who agreed was me.
You see i can take many forms i can be your girlfriend your friend your neighbour. But most of all i am invisble to you, thats why i can follow you home and let you die in your sleep.

You have to wait for the right moment so it dont look too weird. The most common way is for me to follow the marked people back to their homes, and wait for them to go to sleep. That can have its disadvantages, if they insist to watch boring tv programs or just listen to bad music or to have a party with friends loooong into the night.
Some nights i have been soo tempted to lay hands on everyone, Dont they ever quit and go to sleep!

Now you wonder what ill do? Do you really want to know? My girlfriend is an angel. We argue sometimes about or opposite aims in our godlike existience (pardon dont know how it is typed) She brings life i take life. So far we are even and i dont think so much about that.
And now another issue why do people calling me Grim reaper, that sound so cheap really, That tend to piss me off really i mean wtf i see my work as an art.


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