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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chapter Two - The Hospital Visit by Erin Hunter

The Hollow: The Mysterious Town

Chapter Two - The Hospital Visit by Erin Hunter

Joelle walked to the hospital with her body guard by her. She wondered why her family like to live during the daytime and not the night like regular vampires but she had other things to find out first like how to get impregnated. She got to Black View Hollow Hospital which was the local hospital and it was only about a block from the castle.

"Welcome to Black View Hollow Hospital." Janice, the receptionist, said.
"Thank you, I'm Joelle Elite." Princess Joelle said.
"Hello, Princess. I'm supposing you are here to see an gynecologist about becoming pregnant dear?" Janice asked.
"Yes, maim. I would like to. I want to be inseminated with a baby." Joelle said quietly.
"Fair enough, Princess. I will page Dr. Andrea Locke, she is our best OBGYN." Janice said.
"Great, I will wait." Joelle said.
"Okay. I paged her. Here is your hospital bracelet. Please wear it while you are here." Janice said.
"Thanks." Joelle said then walked away from the desk and sat down beside her body gaurd.
The chairs were very comfortable. It made the waiting for Dr. Locke a little bit easier but the pain that may come after might be a little tough to handle but she wasn't going to think about it. She couldn't and wouldn't.
"Joelle Elite," Dr. Locke shouted in the lobby.
"That's me." Joelle said.
"Great, follow me dear." Dr. Locke said.
Joelle followed Dr. Locke down a long hallway and when they got to the end there was an elevator which they all got in and took it to the highest floor, which was level six. Level six was all the doctor's for the vampires and because Joelle was a princess she got a private room.
"In here," Dr. Locke said, "Here is a gown. Please change into it and I will be back momentarily."
Joelle nodded and Dr. Locke left the room. Joelle went into the small curtain room to change into the gown. She got into it and sat on the table. The room was very stuffy and she didn't particularly care for hospitals but she wanted this baby more than anything. Joelle patiently waited on the doctor to get back. The door opened and Dr. Locke came back in.
"Alright, sorry about that Princess. I'm Dr. Locke. I heard you would like to have a baby." Dr. Locke said.
"It is okay. That is true, I would like a baby." Joelle said.
"Great, there are a few things that we need to do before I can inseminate a pregnancy for you. We need to make sure there is nothing wrong with your organs, so we can make sure you have smooth pregnancy. You do know that having a baby and being a vampire is still experimental correct?" Dr. Locke explained.
"Yes, I do but I want it more than anything." Joelle responded.
"Okay. I would like you to go ahead lay back on the table and I will give you a full exam including the gynecological part and then I will tell you if I think your able to carry a baby. All right?" Dr. Locke said.
"All right." Joelle responded softly as she laid back on the bed.
Dr. Locke started the exam and it took about fifteen minutes to complete the physical then started the gynecological exam. That took about another fifteen minutes. Dr. Locke reviewed what she found and decided that Joelle was perfectly fine to have a baby although there may be some complications because her body is like a twenty-one year old and she is thousands of years old. Joelle waited nervously for the news.
"Joelle, I decided that you can have a baby. Although, your body is that of a twenty-one year old, we still don't know how your age will impact the pregnancy but we will go forward with it." Dr. Locke told her firmly.
"All right. When can we start?" Joelle asked.
"We will start today. I will go get the insemination kit ready and we will go ahead and do that. You will just have to be on the bed with your feet up for about an hour afterwards and will be monitoring your vitals to make sure your body accepts it." Dr. Locke said.
"Okay," Joelle said nervously.
Dr. Locke left the room and Joelle called her mom on her cell phone.
"Mom?" Joelle said.
"Hey sweetie, what's going on?" Ana said.
"I'm cleared to have my baby. They are getting the thing ready to go forward with it.I'm so scared mom." Joelle said.
"Don't be sweetie. You can do this. You are strong." Ana said.
"Thanks mom. I love you. I will be here for another hour to two hours." Joelle said.
"Okay, I will come with the guards to come get you after they've done it." Ana said.
"Thanks mom." Joelle said.
"Your Welcome. Bye sweetie." Ana Said.
"Bye." Joelle said.
As she hung up the phone, Dr. Locke walked in with the kit. In some ways she wasn't ready for this because she saw the long needle. Nurse Rose came in and hooked Joelle up to the machines to monitor her vitals. It made all sorts of beeping noises and Joelle hated those sounds.
"You are about to feel a lot of pressure, Joelle." Dr. Locke said.
"All right." Joelle Responded.
They laid her back on the table and Dr. Locke inserted the speculum and then the long needle to inseminate her. Joelle tensed a little bit from the pressure but relaxed so the doctor could do what she needed. After it was over they monitored her and made sure the pregnancy took. It took almost instantly but it was unknown how many she was going to carry. Her mom came to get her with the guards and took her home to relax for rest of the night.

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