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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer..Demons Within (P3D) by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer..Demons Within (P3D) by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

Back in the hospital after being soaked to the skin she walked to the nurses desk letting them know she had returned and was going to her mother's room. On the way there she discovered a picture on the wall that she had not seen before and it caught her attention. On one side was a woman covered in a white sheet holding a baby and on the other a grim reaper. She felt a chill come over her and leaned in closer to see when the picture had been drawn and by whom. She touched the picture tracing the image with one finger and felt a sudden jolt of electricity go threw her entire body. She recalled the date being around the time the family lived in the old house she had read about being very close as well as the name of the artist being one of the members of the family living in the house at the time. This furthered her curiosity into the child, that house, anything linked to it and how her mother was involved. She stopped by the family room grabbing a cup of coffee pausing for a moment seeing Dr Luna who was seated reading what appeared to be a letter and crying. Lilian sat beside the doctor saying nothing until she was sure she had noticed her there. The two began talking briefly and the doctor explained that the letter was the last one she had ever gotten from her son who passed away suddenly in a car crash while returning to college. Lilian assumed by how upset the doctor was that today was the date the accident occurred but the only other detail she gave Lilian was the name Caleb.

Standing she began walking back to her mother's room and as she past the picture she had only noticed moments ago it crashed to the floor and a key fell beneath her feet. She leaned down and picked up the key stumbling a little as if she tripped over something. Steadying herself on her feet she tried to move forward but felt light headed and fell against the wall. A kind doctor passing by helped her to a chair and checked her over making sure she was alright. She sat a few moments until she felt a little better and tried standing again. This time appearing as though she was fine she began the walk back to her mother's room placing the key in her purse to look more closely at and research later.

When she finally got there she kissed her mother on the cheek before sitting in the chair. She looked toward the bed where the little girl was but she wasn't there. She asked her mother what had happened and where the child was. Her mother stared at her a moment and said one word "disappeared". With the sound of the word ringing in her ears Lilian ran as fast as she could to the nurses desk to get help in finding the child. The nurse was confused as to which child she was speaking of and assured her that there was never a child in the room with her mother. Lilian knew what she had seen and this angered her to no end. She felt as though she was loosing her mind and began crying when suddenly she felt the same shock of electricity she had gotten when she touched the picture. The key was the first object that came to her mind and she looked threw her purse to find it. By this time it was too late to research anything so she went to bed hoping for a good night's sleep and decided to continue her search for answers in the morning.

The sun rose and shun on Lilian face waking her from a restless sleep. She checked on her mom and headed for the nurses desk to let them know shed be gone most of the morning in hopes of returning in the afternoon. The first place she planned to check was the secret garden to see if it had any doors or gates the key would fit. On the way to the garden she recalled seeing a locksmith shop and decided it may be a clever idea too go inside and see if the gentlemen that worked there could help her determine what kind of key it was or at least the year.
Entering the shop a lady greeted her with a smile and the clerk behind the desk asked what she needed help with. Lilian showed the clerk the key and asked if he could tell her anything about it. He offered to clean the key as it would help him determine what she was asking so Lilian agreed and to the back he went. He returned moments later and was wearing a shocked look on his face. He claimed that he had never seen the key in many years and that it was one of a kind. This pleased Lilian as being a one of a kind key meant it had to belong to some place special and this place must be known to someone. She listened contentedly to the clerk and hung on every word he shared. It seemed as though the key belonged to an old house actually the old house she had read about and the family of demons that lived within it.

Turning around slowly too have a seat she noticed that the lady that had greeted her had now seemed to vanish without a word. The clerk went on to tell Lilian of an old tale that was so many generations strong in the town everyone began to believe it was real. The story was about a demon that visited a small seaside town many many years ago and captured a young girl and her child holding them hostage for several years releasing a shape shifting creature to take their place. Unlike most shape shifting creatures thought this one was different. Instead of two creatures being released back in the town it was one that could change shape and appear to be the mother or the child. Neither of them is real and somehow being also able to appear as both at the same time. Lilian stood up in total shock and was in an utter state of confusing with several questions going through her mind all at once. The one most alarming being was her mother one of the people the clerk spoke of?

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