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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer..Demons Within (Part 3C) - Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

Watching her mother play with the child made Lilian feel a little sadness but filled with joy at the same time. A bond such as that the child and her mother had been nothing she had ever seen any other two people share. As she sat watching them play together she drifted off into her own little world but was soon brought back to reality after feeling a tap on the shoulder from behind her. Dr Luna finally got the results of the tests back and new what was going on with her mother. She sat with Lilian and began to explain what she thought might be happening and that it may be time to consider moving her mother to a more permanent residence or taking her home. After all her mother had gone through and seeing all that was involved with caring for her Lilian knew that home was not an option unless under the care of a full team of nurses and around the clock care like she was getting at the hospital. This was not an easy decision to make and it was all on her shoulders.

The weeks leading up to this point were rough on her and seeing how her mother reacted to the little girl left Lilian concerned about separating the two of them in fear it would cause more damage to them both then was needed. What was she to do? She knew the hospital would never let her take the child without going through the proper channels of adopting her and with the limited knowledge of the child and her history Lilian was at a crossroads. The secret she was holding inside about the child was about to burst out and she was almost powerless to stop it. Lilian checked on her mother and saw that she had fallen asleep as did the little girl. With both of them at rest Lilian went to the nurses desk and said she would be leaving the hospital for about an hour or so to go research at the local library. The head nurse assured her if anything was to happen she would be contacted right away. The library was only about a three minute walk from the hospital and it was a beautiful day so she decided to walk.

Lilian stepped inside out of the street and was amazed at the size of the building for such a small city. She has several topics which she wanted to research and was not sure where to begin. A very kind lady at the front desk asked her if she needed help and was happy to find all the books she needed. Lilian was very thankful to the lady and after finding the books she was looking for she sat down at a desk and quietly read. The name of the illness which Dr. Luna had told her was written on a piece of paper so Lilian found it quickly and began reading. Not only was this illness something she felt her mother had but also the child in the next bed did also. The questions began racing through her head as to how it was even possible that both of them shared almost identical symptoms but were not related or even knew each other previous to the stay at the same hospital. The child did not slip into a coma like states as her mother died but both of them talked to each other as if they understood what they were talking about and nobody around them did.

Even though Lilian didn't know the real name of the child she knew that she often called herself Princess Rose of Majestic Mountain Forest. The way the child described the place to be magical and how she was able to relate to the friends she had created in this place warmed Lilian's heart. The child often spoke of her friend Elroy the Elephant and how they would run and play through the forest with their friend Hoppers the frog. Unlike the place where her mother mentioned being dark and evil the little girls place was happy and even though the places seemed as though they had no relation to each other Lilian was sure they had to. Both of them knew these places well holding fond memories of it. When one spoke of their home he other would know where it was and the places surrounding that each spoke of. Even though her mother was not getting better she was able to get out of bed for longer periods of time allowing Lilian to take her and the child to a nearby park where they would seem to be able to connect to this place they both spoke of and would refer to the park as their secret garden. Lilian often never took part in the play but observed them both very closely to see what she could discover about the child and the world she and her mother belonged to. Lilian knew that this had to be a critical part in her research so she began looking for the name of the town that the girl had mentioned and the one her mother did.

After looking at the clock and checking the time Lilian went to the front desk and asked if she could use the phone. Her research had taken longer than she had expected and with more to do she needed to call the hospital and let them know. She did so and returned to her research which was proving interesting in itself and she now felt that what she had found out about the child could indeed be quite possible. However, she didn't yet understand fully how her mother was linked. She searched through books on folklore and local newspapers. The newspapers held little information except for several articles in a home that was believed to be possessed by demons that appeared as though they were human but in fact were not. These demons were believed to come from a land far beyond humans understanding with an underlying town beneath it. Lilian felt a little uneasy about her findings but at the same time things started making a little sense. It appeared as though the seaside town of Mowadeng and its underground world that lay beneath it were shared by her mother and the child. Her findings from the books on folklore were a great deal of help leading her to find out what had entered the hospital room that day and what it wanted.

The figure that had entered the room was indeed not human which explained its disappearance upon the police arriving. It all started falling into place but still held somewhat of a surprise for Lilian when she found a page that talked about a child living on the island and her mother who had been attacked by a demon and vanished. The demon was described exactly as her mother had and what she herself had seen in the hospital room. She recalled the day at the hospital where her mother spoke of this and couldn't believe what she was seeing before her own eyes. Everything her mother had told the police was true and did at one time in a far away land take place. In complete shock Lilian stood up and returned to the front desk to check out the books and return to the hospital. It had begun to rain but was still warm luckily she had her umbrella with her so out into the rain she went and headed toward the hospital.

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