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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer..Demons Within - part 3b - by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

The ladies were amazed by what they saw upon returning to the room. The girl was sitting on the bed with Lilian's mother. They both seemed to share some sort of bond beyond all other things. Her mother seemed to be unaware of what had taken place and seemed in a state of normal for the moment at least. She asked Lilian to join them so she did and by doing so she felt great warmth and love that she hadn't felt in so long that a tear fell from her cheek.

Lilian found herself unable to get back to sleep after her mother episode and the sun was about to rise so she went to the lounge area set up for families of patients to grab a cup of coffee to help wake herself up. The room was quiet except for two voices coming from behind a door beside where she just entered. The voices were low but she was clearly able to hear parts of the conversation but stood still so she wasn't able to be heard. As she listened she wondered if her mystery of who the girl in the next bed to her mothers was and if she had now solved the mystery. Suddenly the door creaked and she rushed out of the lounge as fast as she could and thankfully wasn't seen or heard by whoever came from behind the door.

She stood in the hallway a moment shocked by what she had just overheard. She was unable to pick out if the voices were males or females because they were so low but was sure of what she heard. She shook her head and tried convincing herself it couldn't be true and began to walk down the hall. Suddenly from her mother's room she heard the most shrieking scream and dashed to see who or what it was. She peeked in the room before entering and saw a dark shadow with a gun and hurried to the nurses desk to report what was happening. The nurse at the desk called the police but refused to return to the room with Lilian. She ran quickly back to the room fearing for her mother's life and the little girl. She quietly entered without being seen from the figure that was still facing the opposite direction. The girl was screaming and had a frozen look on her face that clearly said I know who this is and her mother was motionless. The clock on the wall read 10 A.M and she began to wonder where the police had gotten but in the distance she heard sirens that were getting louder and louder so she knew they were headed for the hospital to save her and the people in the room. The figure turned three times completing perfect circles and was sucked out the window without saying a word as if it didn't see anyone besides itself.

It was now about 10:15 and the police were in the room. They carefully searched for clues and took statements from the ladies. The girl was unable to say much but after over hearing what she had Lilian understood this quite well. All her mother kept repeating was that she had seen the figure before on a far away land that was dark. She continued telling the police of her run in with the figure who had chased her and caused her to nearly die. Lilian stood in wonder listening to her mother tell the police her story. Next it was her turn to give a statement but first she asked the police to step outside with her. She proceeded to tell the police her side of the story and what she had heard while drinking her morning coffee in the family lounge. She also thought it best to warn them of her mother's condition and that she had fallen ill many years before but it didn't happen in the way her mother had just told them.

After returning to the room she watched her mother and the girl play together on the bed. As long as she had been at the hospital she had not seen the little girl smile or her mother so happy unless they were together. Another long day was ending and night was drawing in on her. Again it was too late to return to her country side home so she remained at the hospital until the morning. She sat in the reclining chair and read a little of her book until she was tired enough to get some sleep.

Morning came and she again had woken up before her mother or the little girl so she grabbed some coffee and went to sit outside. She felt as though she had woken from a dream and was having flashbacks of something she couldn't quite make sense of. She remembered quite clearly the voices from the other room while drinking her morning coffee the previous day but everything else seemed blurry. She reached for her purse beside her and looking inside digging out a small book of pictures she had managed to find after the fire but felt saddened as she looked through them after having lost many of the people she loved so dearly.

Lilian's life was long and a hard one but somehow she managed to survive dealing with whatever was thrown in her path. Her mother fell ill while she was away at school and the two never had much time to get to know each other and she feared they never would. She had a very difficult childbirth in her young adult life and was grieved deeply by the lost of her son and daughter which in turn crumbled her marriage. She looked inside at the clock on the wall while gathering herself together and returned to her mother's room to see what the rest of the day may bring.

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