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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chapter Three - A Learning Process by Erin Hunter

The Hollow: The Mysterious Town

Chapter Three - A Learning Process by Erin Hunter

Joelle got up the next day feeling a bit sick but wasn't going to let that stop her for the day. She wanted to learn about some things about being the vampires that they are in this tiny town which she thinks the name of it has something to do with the name of the hospital.

"Mom, I want to learn about the town we live in and stuff about how we live here. Can you help me? Do you know anything about us?" Princess Joelle asked her mom who was sitting in the castle living room.
"Sure princess," Queen Ana said and tapped the seat beside her on the castle as she put her book down, "What you like know sweetheart?"
"For one, I want to know why we live during the day and not at night like the other vampires in different towns." Joelle asked.
"Well, I for one like the daytime and I wanted the town to be where humans can live amongst us, if they so wished to. We need to feed somehow, don't we?" Ana replied.
"I suppose, we do. That's why we are the morgue of this town?" Joelle said jokingly.
Ana laughs, "Well, if you want to put it that way."
Joelle giggles, "What about the name of the town? What really is the name of the town?"
"Well, no one really knows. Everyone says it is Black View Hollow. No one really knows because when the last mayor died, the name did too because he told no one the name. There is no official paper in the history books either of a name ever being written in." Ana responded.
"Okay. So what about all these different last names?" Joelle questioned.
"Well, It's because of the humans that were allowed in. Some decided in their will they will become vampires after a major accident that put them near death. Some, rather die and let the vampires feast on them. Others rather die and not be a feast which is perfectly acceptable. We must respect the rights of our humans or we would never have willing victims." Ana responded.
"Okay. I guess that makes sense. Then why is Black View Hollow Hospital full of vampire workers?" Joelle asked.
"We decided to have mostly vampire workers and some were humans at one point. They decided to go vampire once they had their major accident. There is a ward full of human workers who have decided that they wanted to care for the humans which is perfectly fine with us. As, I said it's mainly out of respect, sweetie." Ana responded.
Queen Ana as normal answered all of her questions but she still wanted to know more. She couldn't get enough information it seemed. She wanted to know why it was such a bad thing for vampires to have a baby but she was scared to ask her mother that question. She couldn't amount up to that question yet.
"All right, I understand mom," Joelle replied as she rubbed her belly. It was seemingly given her trouble today. The pain was harsh but Dr. Locke had warned her the next day if the insemination worked she would have some pain.
"Sweetheart, are you okay?" Ana asked concerned at her daughter's face.
"I'm okay. Dr. Locke said I would have pain today if the insemination had worked. I feel like I'm going to puke though." Joelle said.
"You sound like you are having morning sickness. I think that might be something new for us vampires. That might be a relief for you though because that means your pregnant." Ana said.
"Really? Already? How is that possible though?" Joelle had her voice going higher as she spoke.
"Yes, sweetie. Calm down." Ana said.
"Oh my gosh, my own little baby in my stomach." Joelle said.
"Well, we will see how long that baby will stay a baby in there. They don't know how fast the vampire pregnancy is yet. Let's call Dr. Locke, just to be on the safe side that is what you are experiencing." Ana responded as she picked up the phone and dialed the number to Dr. Locke's office at the hospital.
"Ugh." Joelle said.
"Hey, Dr. Locke, this is Queen Ana. I'm calling about Princess Joelle. She is having something similar to morning sickness. Is that possible for vampires?" Queen Ana asked.
"Actually, I'm not sure. Let me look in my files and see if we've had any other cases with morning sicknesses in vampires. I'm not sure that we have." Dr. Locke said as she pulled the vampires files.
"All right," Ana said patently.
"I think Joelle is our first one, Queen Ana. What symptoms is she having?" Dr. Locke questioned.
"She is having the feeling of being nauseous, dizzy, and has a slight headache. She is also rubbing her stomach constantly." Ana replied.
"Then yes she is having morning sickness. That is normal for a human in their first trimester. Bring her to the hospital and let's make sure she's getting enough fluids and things to make sure that baby isn't growing to fast because that is known in vampires. Normally, their babies are about 9 months by end of the second trimester." Dr. Locke said.
"All right, I will get her to the hospital today." Ana said.
"Thank you, see you soon." Dr. Locke said.
"Your Welcome. Bye." Ana said.
"Bye Queen Ana." Dr. Locke said.
Queen Ana got her daughter in the car with a few guards and drove to the hospital fast as she could.

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