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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Each month a new picture will be picked, from our OZLAND Artist of the Month collection, with different themes. Your goal is to write a 500-1000 word... poem... essay... or story about the picture picked. This is a chance for you to challenge your writing skills each month. Story can be written in ANY genre... sci fi... romance... ghost... fantasy... fiction... non-fiction... biography... mystery... historical... whatever your writing genre... feel free to experiment. Send your writing inworld to Sven Pertelson as a notecard to have it included on the web site. We meet at the The Ozland Art Gallery each Wednesday at Noon and 6pm SLT to read the latest submissions on voice. More Information

Monday, October 31, 2011

Your inspiration for October 2011 - La Forza by alba2 Rossini

Your inspiration for October 2011  - La Forza by alba2 Rossini

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blended Saga, Part 12: House of Changes by Zhu Juran

Blended Saga, Part 12: House of Changes by Zhu Juran

Last week, on The Blended Saga:

Zasu’s lover is still in the hospital with amnesia, and is troubled by dreams of a white frisbee. The white disk has possibly discovered his location.

Twenty Years Later - by lillian Morpork

Nosaj and Gepuanmat landed in open land near Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Canada. After the first shock, the people from the town had welcomed them, and contacted the Canadian Government. After a few interviews with top people in the government and military, they were set up with all that they needed, and scientists and engineers who were anxious to learn from them. Not only Canadians, but people from around the world were involved and the space program was greatly expanded.

Ad Astra (Part 4) by Sven Pertelson

After several pleasant hours talking, laughing and singing outside the tavern people started to drift away to their homes. The inn-keeper told us he did not have any spare rooms inside as this had been the weekly market day and the tavern was fully occupied. He did however have a proposition for us.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Space Disaster - by Lillian Morpork

The space ship tumbled through the wide expanse of space, looking like a pin juggled by a gigantic juggler. Whatever had hit it had come from behind, moving at incredible speed. Not only had it set the ship to spinning, it had also damaged one engine and made a hole in a rear compartment. In the bridge, the pilot was sprawled in his chair, held in place by a security net. It was obvious that he had not been so secured when the accident happened; his head was bleeding and his breathing was shallow and erratic.

The Blended Saga, Part 11: House of Dreams

Last week, on The Blended Saga:
The white disk has discovered that is errant follower has gone offworld. It is considering what to do next.

Welcome To My New Normal! by SweetTrinityBaby Resident

Welcome To My New Normal! by SweetTrinityBaby Resident

To start walking on a path seeming normal is freeing. Having all your ducks in a row, plans layed out, knowing in a sense what you will be when you grow up. You put your foot out on to the first step of the first brick of the path. As you walk you get bumped from the left then the right, but it's okay it's normal to have some trouble. For you are human and nothing is perfect. So you pick up what might have dropped, wipe off the tears that might have fallen and take the next few steps.

Ad Astra (part 3) by Sven Pertelson

Nova Albion seemed a pleasant world. Lush green grass covered the rolling hills while woodland hugged the streams running through the valleys. Game was abundant and Imara had to chide Hodari, who wanted to chase every deer and rabbit. The clean blue sky was flecked with gentle white clouds and flocks of birds rose from the grass as we walked toward the coast and talked.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Blended Saga Part 10 - House of Horrors by Zhu Juran

Last week, on The Blended Saga:
Zasu’s pregnancy is revealed as she does a Tarot reading for herself, trying capture an elusive thought that is haunting her. She realizes that her lover is unable to contact her, and resolves to search for him.

Ad Astra (Part 2) by Sven Pertelson

I looked through the open door into the night beyond. This was a one way ticket, there was no return! If I stepped through I could never return to Earth. Was I sure? I turned and looked back at the overcrowded, polluted, option behind me. I was sure!

Griselda and the Lion - by lillian Morpork

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls - Aesop

Griselda was in trouble. It wasn’t unusual for her, but this was the worst trouble ever This last witchly prank hadn’t gone as she intended, and a lot of damage ensued. So the leaders of the covens had ruled that she be put to death. She sat in the magically protected prison room, dejected and alone, deeply regretting her foolishness. She sighed. I really shouldn’t have tried to hang Randy Mason from the flagpole by his suspenders, she thought. But really, how was I to know the buttons would break on one side and he’d end up hanging by his neck? Good thing Witch Hazel came by, or he’d have died. And I will be dead tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blended Saga Part 9: House of Cards by Zhu Juran

Blended Saga Part 9: House of Cards by Zhu Juran

Last week, on The Blended Saga: Zasu's lover has awakened from his coma, but has total amnesia. Zola is still enjoying her new riches, but hired a PI to find some information about her missing friend. The white disk is actively recruiting followers.

Whimsy by Tami Meredith

Whimsy by Tami

The Lion, The Witch, and the Mushroom (And the Beef Stew, and the Voyage, and other such things as were needed to bring forth the Art of the Artist)

I Am Strong by Llola Lane

I Am Strong by Llola Lane

I am strong and many fear me,
The weak grovel at my feet,
Heads roll as I strike down my enemy.
NOTHING can touch me... I am Invincible!

Ad Astra (Part 1) by Sven Pertelson

The two severed heads next to the door to the stars looked remarkably peaceful. I'd swear that one was even smiling.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CSI Ozland by Lillian Morpork

CSI Ozland by Lillian Morpork

“Nick, Warrick,” Gil Grissom shouted from his office, “I need you, now.”

The two CSIs dropped what they were doing, and headed into the office, looking very puzzled. They had been finishing up reports on a case they had just completed, and were looking forward to an early night.