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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unexpected by Gabrielle Wind

Unexpected by Gabrielle Wind

As I continue inside the building I notice a small girl and I ran to her making sure she was okay. I didn’t see any scratches on her the only thing I could find wrong with her was her red eyes.

'' Please help me my mom is trap up there as well as my friend from school are stuck up there.'' the little girl said to me while tugging on my arm.

"Okay I promise to get your mom back. What is your mom name hun?" I asked her looking concern for her safety.

“ My mom name is Luna and she stuck up two floor above this one.” She said as her eye begins to fill up with gator-sized tears.

“Hmm that my daughter name,” I said thinking there may be a connection with these events. “Luna are you there?’’ I said over the telecom. The telecom is the way we communicate with the other team members by mere thought but also listen in to other people with out knowing. I begin to go to the emergency stair and open the door and begin to go up the stairs

All I could hear at first was static then I begin to hear voices through Luna telecom. As the telecom begin to pick up the voices and I begin to hear Luna.

“ You better let me go. She wont take your deal you know she wont go for that,” the female voice starting to come in.

“Well then you rather die and have your mom really upset? What will you do will you help me or not,” a voice said. I couldn’t recognize the voice but I know Luna was in distressed

“Luna, are you okay?” I said to her as continue to walk up the stairs. I stop just short of the door and decided to talk to Corry. “Hey Corry how many do you see on this level,” I said to him breathing heavy.

“ I see three enemy beings up their and one hostage.” Corry said.

“ Is it Luna Corry?” I asked him. He could hear a slight worry in my voice.

“No it not but it looks to be a small child I surprised that the creatures haven’t decided to kill that child,” Corry said looking at the screen as he speaks to me.

I walk up to the door and turn the handle and walk in and begin to room and I begin to pick up a faint cry. I ran around and find a small child laying on the floor bleeding. I quickly kneel down to him and take a look into my fist aid pouch and sigh seeing the was nothing to help stop the bleeding I look around the office sneaking into the cubical. I manage to spot a dead body on the floor. It was a man, he look like he caught the broad end of an explosion. I looked on his person and took the remaining shirt and the tie and headed back to the boy. I stop hearing something towards me but coudnt see it then the moment I turned around I felt something grab a hold of me and then all I heard was a loud laughter follow by an explosion. At that moment everything that lead up to this moment flashed in front of my eyes.

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