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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Training 2 by Gabrielle Wind

Training 2 by Gabrielle Wind

"You know I not normal as most humans are." I said running in front of her. I held her by the shoulders and stare right into her eyes, and gave her a smile. "I tend to have a split personality so to say you know. Before I knew what going to happen I woke up.

As I woke up I to a deep breath in I looked around trying to figure out what happen and begin to remember. As I remember I got off the table and stood up I check my arm and hands, I found them to look normal.
"Well I guess it was a dream," I thought to myself. I went out the room and down the hall and headed to my room. As I paced around my room I begin to make my self some tea.
As I sat there drinking my tea I begin to communicate with my fellow team as I drank my tea.

"Everyone report in." I said taking a long sip of my tea.

"John here station security is okay and all clear," said john calmly.

"Okay keep up the good work let me know if something comes up," I reply.

‘‘Will do,'' john said.

‘‘Hey gabby we got a problem down here on Earth that needs your attention.'' Corry said. I heard the urgency in his voice so I left my tea on the table and got dress in my gear.
Normally I would take my own craft down to the ground, but time was a factor when I got to the ground I found myself right smack dead in the middle of a fight. I jump back and ran behind the cars. I looked for the creature and walked towards the rest of my team.

''What the hell happen here why did I get attack and by what.'' I said getting upset and again I started to feel myself get hot again.

‘‘That was the flying monkey who are guarding the building.'' he said pulling out a map of the building. ‘‘This is the emerald bank building it has eight floors. Each floor has stronger beings on them but I don’t think I had to tell you that.'' he said poking to the stairs of each floor.

I nod my head and walked over to the open area and look back and give a smile and a thumb up and started to walk towards the building. I stop half way and looks towards the window and I started to hear sounds that no ordinary human can pick up and I continue to go forward towards the building. As soon I got to the door, I saw a monkey with wings rushing me. He manages to knock me away from the door and knock me to the ground. I got up and shook my head and notice the monkey was circling me overhead.

'' I guess this is the flying monkey curry was telling me about.'' as I get up I notice the monkey was diving towards me again. I was scared and I duck down but as soon I duck down the ground suddenly came around me and acted as a shield. I heard the monkey collide with the rock shield, and at that moment I knew I was safe from it at the moment. As I got up the shield begin to sink back down in to the earth. '' Wow did I do that?'' I thought as I walk over to the creature and poke it with my foot and found out it was not breathing and I shook my head. '' I guess he couldn’t stop in time so that crash must of snap its neck.''

As I continue inside the building I notice a small girl and I ran to her making sure she was okay. I didn’t see any scratches on her the only thing I could find wrong with her was her red eyes.

'' Please help me my mom is trap up there as well as my friend from school are stuck up there.'' the little girl said to me while tugging on my arm.

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