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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Arwin's Christmas Adventure ANOTHER YEAR PART 1" by Llola Lane

"Arwin's Christmas Adventure ANOTHER YEAR PART 1" by Llola Lane

Arwin's Christmas Adventure - Last year synopsis...

Arwin is given the task of driving the children at the North Orphanage to Macy's in Downtown Winnipeg to visit Santa via the SANTA SPECIAL BUS... she finds that driving the 'Santa Special' was more of an adventure than she had expected... Hating Christmas, the music, the decorations, and all the holiday festivities... the dispacher MAKES her wear a special elf suit that jingles when she walks and all the other bus drivers make fun of her in the outfit. She is taken to a special part of the garage where the Santa Special is waiting... all shiny and clean. She finds out that it is a "magical" bus. The exhaust smells of peppermint... all the radio stations on the bus are Christmas... and her hot chocolate is "just right"... just to name a few. Things happen on her way to the orphanage that leads her to believe she is not on a usual bus trip.

She makes it to the North Orphange in record time and is suprised at how easily the bus handled the snow covered roads and seemed to drive itself and stops at orphanage door. The building is all decorated for Christmas (of course) and she is greeted by a Mrs. C. Laus at the door. She loads the children in the bus and is quickly befriended by a little girl named Suzie. She quiets the children by telling them a story about Santa Claus and after the story is over they play games. Arwin quickly realizes she's having fun when they get to Macy's and the children leave the bus to visit Santa.

Alone in the bus, Arwin remembers her dead neice killed by a drunk driver the day they went to go see Santa. Arwin had worked extra shifts to purchase a necklace for her neice "Like the BIG GIRLS wear." Little Suzie reminds her of her neice and as she looks at the box with the necklace in it she starts to cry. Suzie is the first back to the bus and tells Arwin that she told Santa she wants "a necklace...Like the BIG GIRLS wear."

Arwin and the children play games and sing songs on the way back to the orphanage and Arwin grows to love Suzie. They make it back to the orphanage and as Arwin says good-bye to Suzie she gives her the little box and makes her promise not to open it til Christmas morning. Before she leaves Mrs. C. Laus gives Arwin an envelope with a certificate inside good for 1 FREE WISH. It is signed SANTA and Arwin realizes that Mrs. C. Laus is Mrs. Claus! Before she realizes it she says she wants to adopt Suzie and Mrs. Claus tells her to come back the next day to get the paperwork started.

The next day is Christmas Day and Arwin goes it back to the orphanage and tells Suzie that she wants to adopt her. The two hug and share a special moment when Suzie opens the little box that Arwin gave her the night before... A necklace... like the BIG GIRLS wear.

As Arwin and Suzie head off to Arwin's sister's house... Arwin thinks to herself... "hummm... Driving the 'Santa Special' WAS more of an adventure than I expected!"

The story continues... a Year Later....


"Read me a story mommy," the little girl asked her mother. "You tell such GREAT stories... Pweeeeeeeease?"

Arwin smiled to herself. HOW could one little word sound so good? Mommy... What a nice word. It had been a long year, but now she was legally Suzie's mother. No one could take her away.

She looked into Suzie's eyes... HOW could she say NO to that face??? Little puppydog eyes looking at her and a smile on her face. This was their first night together as mother and daughter, she wasn't gonna mess it up by saying no to her little girls' request.

"Which story shall I read," asked Arwin?

"The one that YOU wrote mommy. Your first story" the little girl said peering at her with big blue eyes.

Reaching over, Arwin grabbed her book off the shelf. She was so proud of herself, and thankful to Mrs. Claus and the children of the orphanage. If it weren't for them, this book would never have been. They encouraged her to put her words into writing, and Mrs. Claus took the finished story to a publisher. The publisher loved it, and in a few short months the book was flying off the shelf to children everywhere.

Arwin read....

"Once upon a time there was a bus... A very special bus. A bus with... magical powers!!! It lived at the North Pole with Santa and the elves. One snowy Christmas Eve, Santa went to check on his reindeer. To his suprise they were all in bed with a cold! Even Rudolph! "How will I EVER get the toys to the children this year," asked Santa to the head elf? "Maybe you can use the Santa Special," said the elf. "Do you think it can make the trip," asked Santa? "I'm sure it can Santa... we've updated it with all the latest gps and navigation. We've even given it some SPECIAL features," said the elf. "Would you like to see?" Santa nodded and off they went to check out the Santa Special. They reached the garage where the Santa Special was. It was a fine bus... all decked out for the holidays in bright yellow. The elf showed Santa all the SPECIAL features... the extra bright lights... the glowing tires... the extra room in back for all the presents. The door opened and Santa had a seat in the drivers seat. It was a pretty standard dashboard with all the latest gadgets the elf had mentioned. A bright red button was positioned in the center of the stearing wheel. Santa thought it was the horn. "No Santa... THAT button makes... the bus FLY!" "HO HO HO," said Santa, "Of course it does. I won't be able to deliver the toys quickly without being able to fly. Good job... I think this will do."

A yawn broke into Arwin's story, Suzie could hardly keep her eyes open. She would have to finish the story another night. It had been a long day for the two of them. She didn't realize it but she was sleepy too. She kissed Suzie on the cheek and layed her head down on the pillow next to hers. Before she knew it... she was fast asleep too.

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