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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Training" PART 1 by Gabrielle Wind

"Training" PART 1 by Gabrielle Wind

I awoke to looking around and finding myself in small quarters. I get up and dust myself off looking around I found a window to my amazement we were underwater. I continue to look around and figure out what happened. I walked down the hall until I ran into one of the people who that captured.

"Ha I see you awake little one." He said with a little chuckle.

"Why did you capture me it doesn't makes sense to me." I said bit confused and still slightly dazed.

"When you broke the mandolin it gave you special powers. All you need is some training cause with out it you will die your self or kill others you don't intend to." He says looking at me straight into my eyes.

I shrug my shoulders and sat down against a wall to staring out the window. I notice out the window that we were under the water and we kept going deeper and it kept getting darker.

I felt a little frustrated and I noticed I started to get hot. I kept looking out but all of the sudden a fish hit the glass startling me and I fell back on the floor.

"What the hell was that!" I said growling a little bit and sigh

"Calm your self or you will kill us all," he barks at me to calm myself down. "I am not sure how your powers are controlled yet."

" Well if you saw one of your people die in front of you. Wouldn’t you get angry?" I said calming down slowly and mumbling to myself. "And besides what ever that thing was that hit the window scared me."

An hour has passed and I notice we started see a city under the ocean. The city was big and green almost as if the moss has taken over. But the close we got the more I notice that it was a type of green metal.

As the sub came to a halt I begin to trust the guy cause of anything he would have tied me up again and carry me off like a piece of meat.

"This will be your new home till you can control your new powers," he said walking off the sub and into the main hallway.

We walked down the hall for a while and we stop right in front of a door. It was big in size I looked back at him and wondered.

"So what I suppose to do, go through that door or something?" I said just staring at the door then back at him.

"Yes your training will begin as soon as you step through that door." He said with a smile on his face.

I look at him with some concern but I suddenly felt a nudge from him. So I shrug and turned the handle and walked through the door. To my amazement I walked into a deep dense forest and as soon I walk far enough away from the door close and disappeared from sight. I sigh heavily not knowing what to do, so like any other human I begin to explore my surroundings for food, water and shelter. As I was walking around I saw some one getting attack by a masked man. I ran over to help but realized I had no weapons. I had to think quickly and I picked up some rocks and begin to throw them at the masked man to get his attention then I notice that there was a sword on the ground somewhat towards the man but it wasn't close enough where he could block my path. I ran for the sword and got it but at the same time I saw him running towards me but he suddenly stop.

"Don’t get involved," the masked man said looking at me directly into my eyes.

He turns back to the woman and ignored me. As he raised the sword over his head I rushed him and swing my sword. It connects with his neck and I grabbed the sword so it doesn’t hit her.

"You shouldn’t have done that," she said with a sigh. "You know you will be hunted also now."

I look at her and give her a smile, "Well the more the better. You know I fight for what right."

I hold out my hand to help her up and notice she has accepted it. I grab both swords and give her one and she grabs her own blade. I watch her slide it back into the sheath and notice she started to gather her stuff back up and place it back on her back.

"Can I ask why you so quick to take death than fight him off?" I said to her and I put my hand on her shoulder. I begin to notice something flashing in the light. I took my hand and move her hair at the way and notice it was a collar of some sort.

The girl pulled away from me quickly and slightly growled at me. "Well I guess you see my collar that the king put on me there a reason I ran but it just the matter time till the king find me and have me killed and just for killing his son." She snarls a little at the thought of him. "The guy you killed was a bounty hunter no doubt sent out by the king."

"Well I guess I just have to kill the king I guess but we have to stay one step in front of him that is for sure." I said as look around the land making sure no one was following me. "I don’t suppose you have a place to sleep or something like that do you?"

She turned and smiled at me some and begins to motion to follow her. I did just that but I started to talk to her as we walking to her home.

"You know I not normal as most humans are." I said running in front of her. I held her by the shoulders and stare right into her eyes, and gave her a smile.

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