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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Arwin's Christmas Adventure ANOTHER YEAR PART 2" by Llola Lane

"Arwin's Christmas Adventure ANOTHER YEAR PART 2" by Llola Lane

A yawn broke into Arwin's story; Suzie could hardly keep her eyes open. She would have to finish the story another night. It had been a long day for the two of them. She didn't realize it but she was sleepy too. She kissed Suzie on the cheek and laid her head down on the pillow next to hers. Before she knew it... she was fast asleep too.

Arwin awoke on the Santa Bus... HOW had she gotten here? How long had she been driving? Where was she going? A dozen questions flooded her head but the main question was WHERE WAS SUZIE??? She remembered falling asleep next to her and now she was gone.

A noise at the back of the bus made her turn around and look. She breathed a sigh of relief. Suzie was looking through a bunch of Christmas presents. "Mommy?" She asked. "Are any of these presents mine?"

Arwin had no time to answer. She had both hands on the wheel and was ready to steer the bus when she noticed they were UNDER WATER. How did they get underwater??? A fish swam past the front window. In the distance she could see a bright yellow road. Was that a yellow brick road? The bus was headed right for the road. Suzie made her way to the front of the bus and stood next to Arwin. She held her mother's arm. It was a calm smooth ride but Arwin was glad Suzie was hanging on to her. The bus landed with a nice plop and stopped on the yellow brick road.

"Now what?" Arwin asked out loud. Suzie shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the large green city at the end of the road. "Maybe we could go there mommy?" Arwin looked out the window and saw the city Suzie was pointing at. "May as well... there's nowhere else to go." She put the bus in gear and drove down the yellow brick road. For some reason the road reminded her of the Wizard of Oz and she started to sing... "Follow the yellow brick road... Follow the yellow brick road... Follow follow follow follow... Follow the yellow brick road." Suzie chimed in... "We're off to see the Wizard... the wonderful Wizard of Oz!" They both were still laughing as the bus came to a rolling stop at the entrance to the great city.

At the front gate stood...erm... floated 2 merguards, one at each end. With spears in their hand they motioned for the bus to continue through the gate. It opened wide to let the Santa Special through. As they drive past the gate the water slides right off the bus and they are in an open area. The bus stops at the center of a giant yellow circle. Arwin and Suzie can hear birds singing and the air is crisp and clean as the door of the bus opens. They step off the bus and feel a gentle breeze on their faces. Suzie grabs hold of Arwin's hand.

A small man comes to greet them. "Oh Arwin (he knows her name) and little Suzie I presume? We have been waiting for you. The little Munchkin children have been extra especially good this year. I am the mayor of this fine city. Welcome to the Emerald City of OZ."

Munchkin children??? OZ??? Arwin stuck a finger in her ears. Did she hear right? "Munchkins?" she said out loud.

"Ha... I guess Santa didn't tell you your mission this year," laughed the Mayor. "Follow me and all your questions will be answered." He motioned for the two of them to follow and Arwin and Suzie were led to a giant shiny door of green. The door opened and inside stood a GIANT decorated Christmas tree. There was a red carpet below the tree but no presents were under it. It was lit with tiny colored lights that twinkled brightly. Ornaments of gold hung from bottom to top. And on the top of the tree was a giant star that shown so bright it made Arwin’s eyes water.

"This is where you will put the presents Arwin. I will have someone help you." The mayor snapped his fingers and a small munchkin appeared from behind another door. He quickly bowed to the mayor and looked over at Arwin. "This is MeeMope... He will help you. Let's get the presents under the tree then we can have our chat," the mayor told Arwin.

MeeMope followed Arwin and Suzie to the bus. He was a stout little fellow who waddled as he walked. Arwin giggled to herself, he reminded her of a round little duck. She almost waited for him to quack. He didn't say a word but got straight to his task of unloading the bus of the presents.

The stack of presents seemed to never grow smaller. There sure where a lot of good little Munchkins in OZ with some very strange names too.... Blopp... Grisp... Vlek... Quont... and the names got stranger as the pile grew smaller... Finally! The unloading took longer than Arwin thought it would, and there was no time to talk to the Mayor before a flood of little Munchkin children filled the room. Just WHAT had Santa gotten her into? NOW she was Santa passing out presents... and somehow she knew this adventure was just beginning.

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