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Friday, August 5, 2011

"What do YOU see???" by Llola Lane

"What do YOU see???" by Llola Lane

Have you ever looked at something and seen something else? Like clouds in the sky... How they sometimes look like an animal... or some other strange thing... but NOT a cloud. I... even find faces in the tile on our bathroom floor.

Well when asked to write a story for this quilt I was baffled. I came up easily with a short poem, but now it's time for me to write a STORY. Lillian saw a panda in the quilt... Sven saw an alien landscape... Tami saw a romantic river... and Zhu saw a mountain... but all i saw was a quilt. That is... until Lillian mentioned her panda. It took me a while, but I finally saw it too. And now... it is MY turn to see something in the quilt. So…What do... I.. see???

Let's see... Starting at the left I see a border of green holding in the colors and shapes. A marbled pink sky... a white moon... green grass.. And that Panda of Lillian's. My eyes take me down to the bottom and spot right off that romantic river of Tami's. As i travel down the river... is that a horse I see above the blue mushrooms sitting under a tree of purple??? The horse’s head rests on the hillside... Sleeping... Maybe even dreaming.

Out of the water my eyes take me high above the horse soaring into that pink marble sky. As I float high above the hills, I see the sun's rays peeking out from the hilltop. Is that a purple watermelon below me??? Now I’m hungry! Down the slopes my eyes take me, past the snowy mountainside, to the beautiful white dove soaring in for a landing by the water’s edge.

To the right of the dove, my eyes stop to smell the three pretty pink mums at the bottom of the hill, where the river ends. Each petal perfect and making a fine showing. I can't stop to look long, for my eyes spot the stairs next to the mums. Where do they lead??? How high do they go???

Up to rolling hills the stairs take me. Vistas of green lead my way to another set of stairs taking me up again to the pink marble sky. This time though the pink is interrupted by the white glow of the yellow moon as it goes down behind the mountain that Zhu wrote about. The end of a lovely day. And the end to my story...

And so my friends you have it… A little 500 plus word story. I can’t see the kitty that someone said they saw. Maybe you will have better luck finding it. And I’m still left with a conclusion to my question ... WHAT DO I SEE??? Well... I see hours of adventure... I see hours of dreams... I see hours of sleepless nights… I see hours of love and care in every stitch.

And for you? I have one question... What do YOU see???

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