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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"The Quilt Is" by Llola Lane

"The Quilt Is" by Llola Lane

The quilt is designed...
with paper and pen
it tells a story
from beginning to end!

The quilt fabric is chosen...
fine weaves to sew
with careful concideration
to color and flow.

The quilt pieces are cut...
On the table they lay
like a puzzle they form
waiting to be joined another day.

The quilt pieces are sewn together...
Sewn with love and care
every triangle...
every square!

The quilt batting is added...
All fluffy and white
it will add warmth
far into the night!

The quilt is backed with fabric...
No wrinkles, it's taped to a mat
safety pins will hold it together
til the quilting makes it flat.

The quilt is quilted...
Tiny stitches hold it tight
they add a pattern
to make the quilt just right.

The quilt is binded...
So the edges don't fray
it will last for years
through sleep and play.

The quilt is given...
a masterpiece to pleasure
for the loved one who gets it
will cherish and treasure!

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