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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OZLAND, A Magical Place (TWO) by Llola Lane

As I told you once before, OZLAND is a magical place. And this night, like so many others, the clock strikes midnight, and again... the Art Gallery comes alive!!!

"Oh... I'm sooo happy," says Happy-Mask. "Oh... I'm sooo sad," says Sad-Mask. "You HAVE to go with me," says Happy-Mask as he pulls away from the drawing. "No I don't," says Sad-Mask "I'm sticking right here!" But before he realizes it, Happy-mask has bumped him right off the drawing. "We are a set, and you are NOT breaking us up," said Happy-Mask. Sad-Mask lands right on his head and he lets out a groan.

"My turn to explore also," says Dra-gone and down he plops from atop Time-Clock. "I best go along with you," says Time-Clock. "Last time we barely made it back in time. You are going to need me. "Now... remember what i told you... There is a LOT of color out there, so don't let it hypnotize you. Make sure you watch where you are going."

The four are just about to start down the yellow brick road when they hear a groan and down falls Hor-see. He struggles to stand on all four legs. It's been so long since he's been out of the drawing that he's not sure his feet can still hold him up. As he looks at his blurry friends, they slowly begin to come in to focus. "Wow you all look so different right side up!" He exclaims. "Are you o.k.,” asks Time-Clock?" "All fine now. And ready to explore" he says. "O.k... then off we go!" says Time-Clock as he heads down the yellow brick road.

THIS time Time-Clock doesn't let the colors get to him. He watches everyone to make sure they do not trip or fall. He gives them a guided tour of the last trip. "And this is the hole we fell down," he says, as everyone exclaims how far down it is. "I can't see the bottom," says Hor-see. "It IS there... take my word for it." says Time-Clock. "It's a long way down.. but there IS a bottom. Let's get away from the edge."

Away they all walk following the yellow brick road until they come to a big sign... "ARTE MERVA" it reads. "OH great! Another art gallery," exclaims Happy-Mask. "Maybe we will make some new friends." As they walk towards the gallery they see movement. "EEK it is a HUUUUUU-MAN," says Sad-Mask. "I told you this was a bad idea." "Let's just hide behind these bushes," says Time-Clock. "It will never see us."

They all stop dead in their tracks... Hiding under a bush. The human walks up to the bush but doesn't look down. Time-Clock motions for everyone to run for it, and they hurry off in the opposite direction of the human. Everyone that is... except Sad-Mask. The human is on his hanging string and he can't move! He tries to motion to everyone that he is stuck, but they all move away too fast, and he is left... alone! He watches them scurry away in the distance until they are smaller, and smaller, and gone from sight.

Sad-Mask stays as still as he can under the bush. The human has not seen him and within a few moments steps away from the bush and off Sad-Masks hanging string. He is free and when the human moves off to look at another painting he makes is way in the direction he saw the others go. He looks high and low for his friends. On his way he sees paintings. Many of the paintings have bright colors and are very cheerful looking. A few of the paintings have objects in them and he asks the objects if they have seen his friends.
"I saw them go that way" points The Madonna painting. "In that direction." She points in the direction he came, back to the drawing he calls home. "Thank you ma’am" says Sad-Mask as he turns around and heads towards home, down the yellow brick road.

Meanwhile his friends have not stopped running. "Waaait... WAAAAAAAIT!!!" yells Happy-Mask. "Sad-Mask is missing!" Everyone stops to a screeching halt. "I thought he was right behind me" says Dra-gone. "He was with us at the bush," says Hor-see. "Right before that human came along." "I need to go back and find him," says Happy-Mask "We are a matched set and can't be separated!" There are lots of mutters amongst themselves. Should they go back and take the chance of the human finding them... or leave him to find his own way home and head back for the drawing? They soon all agree that the drawing just would not look as nice if Sad-Mask weren't there. Turning around they head back to the Arte Merva gallery keeping a close watch for more humans along the way.

"Someone's coming down the yellow brick road." says Dra-gone. They all strain to see what Dra-gone sees... "It's Sad-Mask!!!" says Hor-see and off he clip clops down the road ahead of everyone. "Sad-Maaaaaaaask!!!" Hor-see exclaims..."we found you!" "Pft... more like...I... you" says Sad-Mask in a grumpy voice. "Hop on my back and I will carry you back to the others." says Hor-see. Half flying and clip clopping he carries Sad-Mask to the others who are waiting down the road.

"I am so happy we found you." says Happy-Mask. "I'm tieing our hanging strings together so we don't lose each other again...we are a SET and can't be separated." "Fine with me" says Sad-mask as he helps tie his string to Happy-Masks. The others all pat Sad-Mask on the head and tell him how wonderful it is to have him back with them. "The drawing would just not have been the same without you," says Hor-see. "You gave us quite a scare," says Time-Clock, "Let's head back for home. The sun will be up soon and we don't want to be late."

They reach the drawing a few moments before the sun comes up. Everyone in the drawing wants to know about their adventures. "We can talk when we are back in the drawing" says Time-Clock and up he jumps into his place. No sooner does he attach himself to the drawing and Dra-gone jumps up and rests himself on top of Time-Clock. It isn't long before he is fast asleep.

Happy-Mask and Sad-Mask tell everyone in the drawing about their adventures. About the human and the colors in the world of OZLAND. They are still talking as the sun comes up and they notice Hor-see has not taken his spot back in the drawing yet. "Hurry up Hor-see... it is almost sunrise," says Time-Clock.

Last to take his place to the drawing is Hor-see. He HATES being upside down... his head hurts constantly, and so he grumbles as the sun comes up, and he reluctantly flips upside down and takes his place back in the drawing.

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