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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OZLAND, A Magical Place (FOUR) by Llola Lane

OZLAND, A Magical Place (FOUR) by Llola Lane

"BONG... BONG... BONG” 12 bongs ring out and midnight night strikes one last time for this exhibit and the OZLAND Art Gallery is silent!

It's the last night in the gallery... and there is a rush of people to see the artwork. All the objects in the drawing look their best. They wait for the visitors to leave so they can begin saying their good-byes. It has been a wonderful month of adventure and friendship making.

"Last night of the month" says Time-Clock. "It's been nice seeing you all again" says Mooo-on as he picks a grape and eats it. But-er-fli sniffs a flower and cries, "I'm sure going to miss you too, and the smell of these flowers." She throws a few in the air and watches them land on the yellow brick road. "Quit your crying" says Mooo-on "We'll see each other again." C-Lion plays with his ball one last time and Fi-ish shines his bubbles.

Happy-Mask and Sad-Mask give each other a hug and make sure their hanging strings are tied tight. They ARE a matched set after all... and can't be separated. Dra-gone scratches his back and plays with a flower. "We sure had some adventures this month" he says. Hor-see jumps out of the drawing to stretch his legs and rub his head. He clip clops over to the other drawings along the wall. He flies high making sure he doesn’t miss a drawing and waves a good-bye to every object he sees and turns and returns to his home.

Everyone freezes as a few more visitors come to look at the artwork. "I like this one best" says a girl to her friend. "This drawing has a lot going on in it. Lots of stories could be written." Her friend agrees "I especially like the pretty lady with the candle." As they walk away she could almost swear she sees the pretty lady in the drawing smile brighter!

Alone again the drawing comes to life. 7 men take a few last swigs of the wine. "Cheers to you!" say Don, Bob, Tim, Ace, Pat and Rob. "A fine adventure this has been” HIC!!! The Pretty Lady whispers to Can-dell... "Those two girls liked me and you." Can-dell shines brighter. Behind the pretty lady's head they can hear Par and Rot squawking "7 and 8... 12 and 1" over and over again.

"O.k. everyone...time is almost up" yells Time-Clock. Everyone scrambles to get back into place. The big Tree shakes it's leaves... The Black Limo toots its horn... The Palm tree waves its palms... The Shoes tap a little "taaa"... and everyone says one last good-bye, to each other, as the sun comes up, and SandraLee appears to put her artwork back into her inventory.

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