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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OZLAND, A Magical Place (THREE) by Llola Lane

Midnight night strikes. The OZLAND Art Gallery comes alive, and 7 men stretch and grumble... This time they don't want to be left out of the exploration activities...

Don, Bob, Tim, Ace, Jim, Pat, and Rob all argue amongst themselves of where to go... 7 men and 7 different directions. The dragon yawns and lets out a flame of light. There was that stairway again... dark... mysterious. Just WHAT was down that tunnel they all wondered? "Men...THIS is our time to find out... We may never get this chance again," said Bob. "He's right," said Ace "Let's go that way." They all agreed and start looking for items to take with them on the long journey.

"We will need food," said Pat "I'll go pick some mushrooms." "Great idea," says Don as he grabs the bottle of wine. "We will also need light," says Jim "I'll go get Can-dell. She will help us." As he picks up Can-dell the pretty lady whispers... "You may borrow my light, but heed this warning... Be back before the candle goes out... for it cannot be lit again until it is placed back here beside me." "Got'cha," says Jim as nods to the pretty lady and heads back up to the others.

"O.k... times a wastin'" says Ace "let's get started already. We don't have all night." "Make sure we stay together," says Tim as he leads the way around the dragons back to the stairs. He stops at the tunnel and waits for the others to catch up. "Jim has Can-Dell... he should go first" he says. Jim makes his way to the front of the line. "It sure is dark," says Pat as he feels a slight wind brush past him. "Maybe we should save this for another time. I just felt something brush past me. Who knows what is in that tunnel?" "We don't know how long we will be put away. It's now or never," says Rob. "MOOOOOOOOOVE" And he pushes the others forward through the black tunnel.

Jim urges Can-dell to be as bright as she can be and her flame lights up the tunnel for everyone to see. The tunnel has a lot of twists and turns but no forks so they make their way rather quickly to the end! Now what??? There is a door blocking their way. It has a big clock on it... the hands point between 7 and 8 and 12 and 1. "A dead end," says Ace. "Darn” The men all look at the clock... it does not tick. Rob spins the big hand all away around. The small hand whirls with the big hand. Suddenly the door opens. CREEEEE EEEEEEE EEK.

"I felt something brush past me again" says Pat. "And I heard a flapping of wings," says Bob. "There IS something in this tunnel with us!" The 7 men scramble to the other side of the door and slam it shut. They are too busy to notice two small figures fly through the door with them.

They were in another tunnel... only it was white. The door on this side had a clock like their side, only it was black with white hands and numbers. This tunnel was dark also and they were lucky to have Can-dell to light their way. Slowly they walk through the tunnel and finally come to steps that lead down and out of the tunnel. "Wait... This place looks familiar," says Don. And they all stop... at the top of the stairs and stare at the world around them.

This world is a complete negative of the drawing they call home. Here everything is black with white outlines. Mooo-on is black... Time-Clock is Black with white hands and numbers... C-Lion is black with a black ball... Happy-Mask and Sad-Mask are black... not white like the are supposed to be. All their friends are not what they are supposed to be. "HEY... who are you???" asked a very black dragon. "You are NOT supposed to be here." "We have come through the tunnel to explore," says Jim. "These are my friends... We mean you no harm." "We only want to stay for a short while," says Pat. "O.k." says the dragon "But you must leave by sunrise." They all agree and set out to explore this NEGATIVE place.

Off in the corner they hear men talking. They are in deep conversation so the 7 white men decide to move on. Down the edge they see a negative Happy-Mask and Sad-Mask. Even Fi-ish is here in this negative world. An exact duplicate of their own world. They are amazed. They spend a little time talking with the other pieces of the drawing as they explore. The duplicates on this side of the drawing are very similar in personalities as those of their own friends back home.

The upside down palm tree makes a nice cozy rest stop as they sit and eat their mushrooms and drink the wine that was brought. Don flirts with the pretty black lady. Rob grabs pen and ink and finds some paper to write down their adventures as he sips his wine. Ace sees some black mushrooms and decides to pick a few to see how they taste. The ones they brought are sweet and succulent; these black ones are dry and sour. They hear music in the background and an angel sings to them.

The 7 black men stop their conversation and join the 7 white men and they all dance and sing to the music. What a party they all have. The black wine is just as good as their own and soon everyone is cheering and toasting each other. Can-dell yells to the men that she is getting tired and it is time to go home... but the men are so loud they do not hear her. Soon her flame starts to fade...

"Why is it getting so dark," someone asks? "Oh my!!! Can-dell's flame is almost out," says Jim. "We have to go... Noooowww!" Quickly they say their goodbyes to their new friends. They promise to come back if they can. The 7 white men jump over the winged horse... past the black shoes... the black seal... the black parrots... climb the black tree... and run up the stairs as fast as their feet can carry them. They barely have enough light to see down the tunnel.

They reach the door with the black clock. "How do we open the door" asks Pat? Rob says "Let's try spinning the hands like I did before." "Hurry!!!" yells someone. It is getting darker and Rob can barely see the hands now. "It's not working," he tells the other men. "Where were the hands before we moved them?" No one could remember.

"7 and 8... 12 and 1" They hear in a squeaky voice. "7 and 8... 12 and 1." Overhead they see Par and Rot flapping their wings. "Was that you we felt fly past us when we came through the door," asks Jim? "Yes it was," squeaks Par. "Hurry it is almost time," squeaks Rot. "7 and 8... 12 and 1." Quickly Rob sets the hands between 7 and 8 and 12 and 1. The door opens and they all rush to the other side. Down the tunnel they run... Can-dell is almost out of flame.

Jim is the first to reach the opening and the steps. Happy to be home, he quickly returns Can-dell to her rightful place in the drawing. Immediately her flame glows bright and strong. The hero's Par and Rot close their eyes and fall fast asleep in their spot.

The men take their place in the drawing just as the sun comes up over the horizon. They are thankful for this night of exploration and the new friends they made in the NEGATIVE drawing. As the wine takes effect to make them sleepy, they yawn and mutter... "G'night Don, Bob, Tim, Ace, Jim, Pat, and Rob!"

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