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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Adventure - lillian Morpork

She was beautiful, she was graceful, she was unchanged. Almost. She was Morna Meredith, beloved guardian from the sea, and she was no longer sad, no longer bored out of her skull.

No more did the time tick unchangingly by. Now she had happy memories. Memories of her wonderful night with the Great Detective. As she sat at her post by the round window, she mused. Would he come again to take her on another adventure? She plucked a grape, and put it in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

Grumpy Moon had been even grumpier, for he had found out about that night out. The gabby parrots had mentioned how lovely her smile was, and Moon asked when had they ever seen her?They tried to cover up with lies, but they were no good at it. Since then, moon had, after scolding her for hours, kept a much stricter watch. He covered his ears when she sang, and shouted, to drown out the sound.

Now Morna Meredith spent her time trying to work out another way to distract him. Whe she sang now, it was so softly that it couldn't be heard more then a few inches away. And she thought about the Great Detective, and hoped he would come again. Perhaps he could devise a plan.

But it wasn't he who came by one evening just at sunset. She had been sitting with her eyes closed in thought, when a sweet, musical voice spoke her name. Opening her eyes she saw a beautiful angel, glowing softly, and bathed by the gold of the setting sun.

"Morna Meredith," the angel said, smiling kindly. "I am Angel Bright, and I have heard your thoughts and desires, and have come to help you. You should not have been held captive in this window forever. Moon has over-stepped the limits of his authority. He was to watch over you,and keep you safe, yes. But it was meant that you have the freedom of the whole picture. Hecan oversee it all from his place, and so protect you. I have come to put things right."

Turning to Grumpy Moon, she waved her hand, and the words of his contract glowed in the air in front of him. "See, oh Moon, this you agreed to. This trust you have broken. Now I bind you. From this day on you will properly fulfill your duty, now and forever."

Moon scowled and growled, but bowed his head in acquiescence. "So be it!" he sighed, and turned his back. Morna Meredith felt sorry for him, for, grumpy as he had always been, he had been her only companon. And he had told her many stories about the picture. Angel Bright saw how she felt, and told her not to worry. "He'll be his normal self in the morning," she assured Morna Meredith, who sighed in relief, and smiled again.

"Now", said Angle, holding out her hand, "come with me." And off they went, first to see the big butterfly that had so impressed the girl before. Then they went up and had a pleasant chat with the seven men in the top corner.
This time, she was not afraid of the dragon, and she freely forgave the parrots when they apologised for telling Moon about her previous trip. Then Angel took her down to the bottom of the picture, where they found a beautiful pegasus.

"Morna Meredith," Angel Bright said, "this is Bucephalus. He is named for the wonder horse Alexander the Great road through all of his battles, when he won his kingdom. This Bucephalus is just as wonderful. Bucephalus, my friend, will you consent to carry this, our beloved guardian from the sea, for a night of exploration?"

"It will be my honour, Angle Bright. Mount you between my wings, my Lady, and let us fly!" Morna Meredith mounted,and with Angel flying beside them, they swooped down and out of the picture.

Morna Meredith gasped at the change. "Oh! Is this what they call colour? I have been told of it, but never imagined what it would be like!"

"It is," Angel bright answered, and smiled at the girl's excitment.
On they flew, looking at the other pictures in the Gallery. Some were black and white, like theirs, and some but several were in glowing, vibrant colour. And the colour was all around them. The road was made of yellow bricks. The grass and leaves were in various shades of green, the tree trunks brown.

And the flowers! Oh, the glorious,riotous clolours of the blossoms that grew all around. And, wonder of wonders, butterflies! Many butterflies, brightly coloured, like animated flowers. They were smaller then the one in the picture, but oh, so beautiful.

The flew on, Morna Meredith drinking it all in, awed and delighted with all she saw. At last, Bucephalus said that it was time to go back, and they flew in a wide,swooping turn, back to the picture.
They let Morna Meredith off at her window, and flew to their places at the bottom of the picture.

Morna Meredith had many wonders to think on, and more adventures to dream of. No longer was she sad and bored, for she was no longer a prisoner. She was free!

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