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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"The Hunt" by Gabrielle Wind

"The Hunt" by Gabrielle Wind

Few moments later I came to. I suddenly thought to myself what kind of dream did I have where I seen a small girl next to a jackalope and a chair floating on water. I just shrug and look over my body and notice that I had cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I let a deep sigh out.

I look around the room and spotted a window. I walk towards the window, and look out. I realize that I was in deep space.

“Don't worry they won't use the cuffs that you wear as long you listen gabby,” said a voice in a dark corner.

“Who are you, and how do you know my name like that?” I said with a concern tone of voice. “I never met you before.”

“Now Gabby I suprised at you. Don't remember me at all,” she said walking out of the darkness.

I looked hard at the figure she was tall with long dark raven hair.  Her skin was a light tan as if she worked outside all the time. Then it finally came to me to she was, " Mel I thought you were killed,” I said slightly confused. 

“No, I put myself under a spell so those powers would go to you. I am just glad you didn't bury me to deep or I would of died for sure,” she said with a smirk.

I rubbed my head and sigh deeply and wondered where we were going but I shook my head and went to sleep. 

When I woke up a saw my self surround by the blue ocean and I looked around I noticed I was in a life saver so like any normal person I just lay there drifting and then all of the sudden I saw a meteor coming right for me   I sat there as I couldn't more or nothing I watch come closer everything went into slow motion for me but when it came close I woke up in a panic

“Its okay you were dreaming,” Mel said.

“What happened,” I said looking around. I notice that we were in a dense jungle to the right I saw what was left of the space craft and I just sigh.

“Well gabby it looks like we got caught in a battle. Someone didn't want us to land here, sadly the crew of the ship died on the crash,” she said taking the key out  and undoing the cuffs. 

“You know what caused it to crash,” I said rubbing my wrist some with a sigh as I look up I notice something that was familiar to me. “Hey Mel, follow me.”

I stood up from where I was sitting and walked over towards the wreckage and took a deep breath. I pick up a heavy stick and I pulled a peice of metal back to find another human behind it.

“Please don't hurt me!” The guy yelled.

“John, what the hell you doing here,” I sigh in frustration some as I help him to his feet.

“Well I wanted to get the inside scoop of all this strange weather we been having I figured you would know but I saw you being taken and I try to them but well you see what happen, he said dusting himself off as he stand up.
“Yeah the ship got hit by a powerful gun, but I want to know why we landed here,” I said shrugging some.

“I don't know either,” Mel said.

“Well like any new place we must find shelter first. Mel you gather up any weapons you can fine on the ship. John you can help by gathering any medical supplies,” I said with a small sigh.

“What are you looking for Gabby?” Mel said.

“I am going to look for food and a home once I find that we can move there but you two stay there,” I said and I walked off.

I started to walk north from where I was I notice I came to a river. I bend down and cup my hands and took a drink from it. I continue by following the river till the sun begin to set, I let sigh as I notice it was becoming dark then all of sudden I heard a branch break. I continue to walk as bend down like I was going to tie my shoe but instead I trip the figure that broke the branch. I quickly got up and on top of the figure and notice the figure was armed with a dagger. I smirked and pull the dagger out and put to the figure throat.

“Who are you and why are you following me?” I said kind of in a calm but frustrated voice. I look on the figure and I notice the arm band and I got off. I made the gesture to follow and we made our way back to ship. Once we got to the ship. I saw Mel pointing a gun right at the figure.

“Wait!! Don't shoot I know who she is I would not brought her here if I didn't know who she was,” I said standing in front of Mel.

“Who is she then?” Mel said still holding the gun up.

“I the Queen of this land, My name is Jess. I figure Gabby would remember me and our alliance with each other,” Jess said bringing the hood of her cloak down.

“Still look as young as I met you way back when, but your black hair was longer and you lost some weight too,” I said looking at her long slender body. 

“Well, when you are running from assassins for three years you have no choice,” she said with a sadden look on her face. “It seems that my husband got possessed by something I was kind of hoping you can help me.” 

“I can try. I know Mel has the knowledge on how to get a demon out of one body, but I not sure how to kill it,” I said shrugging.

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