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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Marooned at Sea" by Llola Lane PART 1

"Marooned at Sea" by Llola Lane PART 1

Today I am back on my inner tube, floating in the water of my favorite spot. I allow my arms and legs to hang off the edge of the tube and into the cool water. I look up at the sky and see my zoo. It is still there... the birds... the butterfly... the bears... all my animals are safe in the zoo. I stare up at the sky and my eyes lids slowly close. It is so peaceful, before long I drift off to sleep. I dream of my zoo. When I waken my body aches, I am miles from the shoreline, and have no idea where I am!

This time I am marooned for real. There will be no butterflies or swans to come to my rescue. I am on my own. I sit up and twirl myself around in a circle looking for the shoreline. I know it is there... somewhere! My arms and legs hurt. They are sunburned so I cool them off with the water. I rub my neck. It hurts too from being in an odd position as I slept on the inner tube. Where am I? How long had I been asleep? I look up at the sun, high in the sky. It was lower when I fell asleep, of that I am sure. I don't know how much lower, but from what I can figure I'd been asleep for at least an hour or two.

I let the waves carry me where they will. I have to get my barrings... The sun rises in the east... and sets in the west. Is the current taking me to the sun, or away from it? I can't tell. I am beginning to panic. "Calm down" I tell myself. "There's no need to panic... yet."

My parents will come looking for me. I know they will. I just need to hold out until they find me. But do they know where my favorite spot is? hum... My mind races through every conversation we have had. Did I ever tell them where it was? I can't remember.

At least the clouds have started to gather, it will be cooler now. I'm sure glad I didn't wear my bikini. The shorts and top keep me from getting too sunburned. WHY had I let myself fall asleep? It was sooo peaceful. Too peaceful, but it was good to get away from work... family... and the bills! I needed the rest but now I am not so sure it was worth the nap.

I twist my hair up into a bun. It is hot even though the clouds are rolling in. It looks like I may be in for some rain. It will cool me down. There are no sharks in these waters so I don't have to worry about being eaten alive. What a weird thing to think about. Drowning on the other hand is not a happy prospect either. I need to survive until I am found... or until I reach a shoreline. My eyes strain to see any plant life... any trees... any... anything to let me know that there is land not far from my horizon. I think I spot a tree in the distance but I am not sure.

I start to paddle towards the tree but it quickly fades as I loose track of it when the waves carry me up and down. The water is not peaceful any more and I was right about the rain. Gentle droplets fall on my face. It feels good and I lick the drops that fall on my lips. I am lucky I had a big breakfast. I am not hungry yet but if I don't find the shoreline or get help soon, I will be.

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