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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer...The Investigation Begins by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

Dark Shadows...The Umbrella Killer...The Investigation Begins by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

"All aboard...Train leaves for the City Historical Development Office in five minutes." Lilian ran as fast as she could too get on the train too see what she could find out about the location of the house and who it now belonged to. She new the historical development office kept records of all land and home owners for the city and street address too each home in the two as well so she felt she was on the right path. Finally after a few stops it was Lilian's turn too get off the train and lucky for her it wasn't a long walk as the train stopped directly in front of the building. The building was old and Victorian style inside and out and a site too be captured to share with everyone.

She approached the front desk and spoke with the lady explaining what she was looking for and with a quick searching of the computer information was available but very little of it. The painter from the picture at the hospital was the only name on record and was believed to be the last owner but at least with that information an address was able to be found. Once the address was found this further helped the lady direct Lilian to the correct office in the building too see what other information might be helpful. She got on the elevator and pushed the button for the 13th floor and much too her surprise the ride wasn't as long as she expected. The elevator stopped with a jolt the bell dinged and the doors opened. Stepping out of the elevator she looked for room 213 as the lady down stairs had told her. The room was near by just a few steps away from where the elevator so Lilian walked up and was about too knock when she noticed the door was open a crack so she peeked in spotting an old man smoking a pipe at the desk/ She tapped at the door and entered. She immediately felt at ease and knew she was directed to the right place as she seen a copy of the painting from the hospital on the mans desk. The man was an investigator who had been studying the activity at the house for some time and knew exactly where it was. The address of the house was 513 Nightmare Ave and the man said he would gladly drive her over too take a look around the property. It was getting late so Lilian booked a hostel room and both of them decided they would meet in the morning to go see the house.

The hotel was very dark and spooky and the staff were not at all friendly. She got her key and went too her room and put the key in the lock turning it but it appeared stuck. Suddenly she heard a quite whisper that said come in and the door seemed too open on its own. Peeking in the room she saw nothing out of place and it seemed as tho it was a typical hotel room so she entered. The door flew shut with a loud bang and Lilian swirled around again seeing nothing but knowing what she heard. Lilians night was restless but finally morning came and she hurried too get ready before the investigator arrived. She took the elevator too the ground floor where she saw the man sitting waiting for and and they greeted briefly before he led her outside too his car. The car was long and black with tinted windows so nobody was able too see inside if they were just standing on the street. She felt as tho she was a celebrity from a moving as the man opened the door and helped her inside. It was a car like no shed ever been in before with a back seat fit for a princess. She drifted off into a day dream and began picturing herself in the back seat watching movies while sipping on the finest wine. The man in the driver seat spoke and she snapped out of the day dream opening her eyes too a stone and iron gate.

Stepping out of the car she stood in shock and a rush of excitement and fear came over her. They both walked up too the gate and as they did it opened to a long narrow path way and they began too walk. The walk seemed too take quite a long time and there were deep howls in the woods surrounding them that appeared to be from some sort of dog-like animal. It grew dark the deeper into the woods they got and there were shimmering lights all threw the woods that were bright and gold in color. Suddenly as if it appeared out of nowhere Lilian looked in front of her and saw an old and run down mansion style house.

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