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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The Kiss" part 2 by Teri Meridian (for part 1 see July 2012)

"The Kiss" part 2 by Teri Meridian (for part 1 see July 2012)

Gale stood there, frozen, unable to raise her hand and knock. The sound of laughter from behind the door and the knowledge that her lover was not alone was a situation that she had not prepared herself to face. The desk clerk's words echoed in her mind, "Going up to join them?" as the realisation struck her like hammer; whether she went in or just slipped down the back stairs and into the street, it would be whispered and assumed that she had participated in a lesbian orgy. Her future, her reputation, and her self-respect, was irrevocably shattered. Heartbroken, confused, and feeling very alone, she sank to the floor and began to sob.

Her face was buried in her hands as the tears flowed freely and ran between her fingers when the door opened and a young woman, wrapped in a fluffy white towel peered down at her. "Mistress, it's a lady in front of our door, crying as you said." Although she heard the voice, it never registered with her, nor did the fact that the door had opened. She had thrown her life away for a fantasy of forbidden love that had blossomed only in her imagination and with little basis in reality, and all that she could do in response was to sob uncontrollably.

An older, more sultry voice emanated from deeper in the room, "Thank you, pet. Prepare yourself for bed please and I will take care of this." The door remained open, casting a wedge of light over her as she wept upon the floor, ashamed of what she had done. Her mind wandered in thoughts of suicide and then of joining a convent, hiding away forever from society. She failed to notice herself being guided from the hallway floor to a stiff backed chair within the foyer of the suite, nor of the glass of sherry pressed into her hand.

"Drink this Gale, it will help, I promise." She looked up, blinked, and then scrunched her eyes shut and opened them again. Staring softly at her, a warm gentle smile on her face, was her lover, more beautiful and alluring than she had been two decades ago. She felt a hand on hers helping to raise the glass to her mouth, and unable to resist, she swallowed the sweet amber fluid. "Good girl." Her lover leaned forward and then, to her surprise, kissed her gently on the forehead. "I never really expected you would show up. I think I might be as surprised as you are by all this." She paused for a second, her eyes sparkling, before she asked, "Why are you here sweetie?"

Gale wasn't sure if it was the right answer, or if it even answered the question, but she had come here to say something and so, in response, she whispered the only words on her mind, "Because I love you." She realised she should say more, explain her feelings in more detail and admit that she was willing to leave her family for this love, but a finger stilled her lips.

"Shhhhhhh. There will be plenty of time for explaining later. Now, Gale, I'm going to ask you one more question for which I need a truthful answer." There was another pause, perhaps as her lover searched for the words to formulate the question. "What would you do to have me return your love? What would you do to spend the rest of your life at my side, treasured and protected, loved and cherished, your every need fulfilled. What would you do for that opportunity?"

Gale knew the answer before the question had even been completed. She had thrown everything away to come here, her family, her reputation, her financial security, her home, it was all gone now. She had given it all up for the dream of true love. She knew what she would do for the chance to make that dream come true, "Anything. I would do anything."

Her lover smiled softly at her and then pulled her close, their lips touching for but a second in the softest and most gentle of kisses. "Good girl. I was hoping you'd say something like that. Now wait here a second, I need to go get something. I'll be but a minute and then, as you will see, we'll make everything right again." Her lover rose from where she had been stooped beside her and went into the bedroom. It was only then that Gale realised her lover was wearing only a thin silk robe that did little to conceal her soft feminine curves.

About a minute later, her lover emerged from the bedroom, still clad in the same pink silk robe. If anything, the view from the front was even more striking than from behind, and Gale began to feel the stirrings of something she had buried away long ago. Behind her lover, now in a white gauzy baby-doll was the young woman who had first opened the door. Her lover crossed the room and stood before her, waiting a second as she watched the young woman kneel before her. "Gale, please come here and kneel in front of me, beside Amanda." Gale paused, confused and uncertain, not exactly sure what was happening. However, before she could sort out her thoughts enough to form a question, her lover spoke again. "You said you would do anything. So DO IT. Come here and kneel. Now." There was a forcefulness in her voice that Gale was unable to refuse, so without hesitation, she rose from the chair, moved the few feet to her lover, and kneeled beside the younger woman.

"Good girl. You will learn. Don't worry, pet, it will come easier in time. Now, I'd like you to meet your sister, Amanda. Mandy has been with me for almost 3 years, and I'm sure she will have plenty to tell you in the coming days and weeks. Now look up at me and hold still, please." Gale did as she was instructed, and watched her lover press a simple leather choker, much like a cat collar, around her neck. She suddenly realised that Amanda wore an almost identical one. Upon closer examination, she saw that it was closed at the back with a small heart-shaped lock. As she looked up, she saw her lover reach behind her holding an identical lock. A loud *click* filled the room as the lock snapped shut. "Welcome home, pet."

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