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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"The Beginning of the Undead" by Gabrielle Wind

"The Beginning of the Undead" by Gabrielle Wind

“Do you think it was a spell that was place on her?” Ken ask looking a bit worry.

“Yeah I believe so I think.  If I correct I think I know someone who can speak the language.” I said with a gentle smile.

I walk over to the chamber and looked at the control panel and begin to smile.  I had think but I finally begin to press a couple buttons.

“Reanimation process will begin in ten-seconds,”  said the voice from the computer.

“Okay then Computer please tell me do we have a power source,” I said looking at the screen.

“Yes, we do have a powers source and it in the room as we speak,” the computer said.

“God! This computer just like my computer back at home. A real pain in the,” I said stopping in mid sentence and I turn to find the one who was in the chamber standing right behind me.

“What is she doing here?” Said the woman.  She sound kind of upset and worried. “How did she get in here?”

“If it wasn't for me you, still be stuck in there.” I said turning to look her dead in the eyes,“And trust me I could left you in there, but I saw Ken over there in pain so I couldn't leave you in there.”

I walked away from her and look around and saw where I can recharge the power source. I looked high and low till I found two metal rods sticking out where the should be.

“Crap! No wonder why there is no energy in here. There supposed to be a battery right here where I can charge it. In case the house run out of power.” I said looking at Ken with a smile.

I look at it and grab hold the two terminals and tapped into my power and like a flash a lighten I sent thirty-two thousand volts into the house, but it didn't come with a price without my suit on the after shock sent me flying back hitting the floor hard.

As I laid on the floor looking at the ceiling the lights began to come back on lighting the whole library back up all the lights came on. I look up and stare at the ceiling and then sat up with a big smile.

“Wow! Now that was a jolt,” I said standing back to my feet and dusting my self off.  I look around the room and notice the lights and everything were coming back on. “Well, now time to look at that tree I have a feeling about it like something hiding in the tree. Then I decided to head out the door, but before I turned the handle I grabbed the other pair of glasses and hand them to Jaylyn. “Here we can communicate through these glasses just trust me.” I said as I watched her take the glasses and put them on. i gave her a smile don't worry i have mine in my other pocket. Then I walk out the door.

I walk towards the tree and I stop and looked around and shrugged it off to just breeze that blew across my neck.  As i get closer to the tree I felt something like a blanket was drape over me but it wasn't that, but again I ignored the feeling once again.

I got to the tree and as soon I put my hand on the tree I felt something grab a hold of my ankle and with a quickly jerk back and I got free. I look down and found out it was a hand of a skeleton warrior. As I looked up from the skeleton i notice more of them were beginning to come out the ground even zombies.

“Crap! I getting surrounded by the living dead.”  I said as I jumped into the tree. Then I looked out and notice it was hundreds of them. I let out a heavy sigh and sat there and begin to think how to get out of this mess

“Hmmm I guess you woke the dead up huh,” a voice said from some where in the tree.

“I don't think so, there to many of the I think someone cast a spell to bring them back from dead.” I said looking around for the person, but couldn't find them but as soon I shrugged it off. I got startle, when I turned around, from the person standing right in front of me.

“So what are you saying someone reanimating these creatures?” the woman said.

This woman was dressed up in black leather pants and wearing a tatter vest that has several daggers and two guns. I guess she had no ammo for the guns or she would have used them by then.

“Do you have any weapons on you or are you armed?”  She asked looking at me dead in the eyes.

“No,” I sigh, “I am unarmed but don't let my looks fool you,” said with a smirk. I looked down decided jump out of the tree and landed smack dead in the middle of the horde of the undead but manage to get to the outer edge of the horde.

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