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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Past by Gabrielle Wind

The Past by Gabrielle Wind

I walk up to the door and turn the handle and walk in and begin to room and I begin to pick up a faint cry. I ran around and find a small child laying on the floor bleeding. I quickly kneel down to him and take a look into my fist aid pouch and sigh seeing the was nothing to help stop the bleeding I look around the office sneaking into the cubical. I manage to spot a dead body on the floor. It was a man, he look like he caught the broad end of an explosion. I looked on his person and took the remaining shirt and the tie and headed back to the boy. I stop hearing something towards me but couldn’t see it then the moment I turned around I felt something grab a hold of me and then all I heard was a loud laughter follow by an explosion. At that moment everything that lead up to this moment flashed in front of my eyes.

It all started while looking for new powers. I was on anther planet when I notice someone was attacking some one. I rushed over grabbing my sword and manage to get there in time to block the blow that might have killed them. I look down to the woman cowering something but I look up and notice it was a dark elf that attacked her.

“Why did you attack third woman she didn’t do anything to you. She was even armed!” I said getting frustrate. I begin to grimy sword tightly, and let out a low growl. “Just back away from her I will take a chance of you coming my home grounds, and you do I will kill you there.”

“Well first off she is cursed. Second you don’t tell me what to do I will do what I please and I will kill her for that mandolin.” The dark elf said.

I growled and swung my sword. It grazed the dark elf right eye leaving a good cut but not blinding her.

“You got off lucky now leave or the next strike is going to kill you. Now leave us alone.” I yelled at the dark elf.

“This wont be the last time you see me.” The dark elf said and then disappeared into the darkness of an ally.

I went back to the woman she was badly injured. I gently rolled her over and I hear a whimper come from her.

“Please take this mandolin from me and protect it. Though it is curse once you touch it and I die you have to protect it. You life depends on it lose that mandolin,” she said.
I heard her cough and notice she coughing up blood and my face turns to concerned for her health. I grab the mandolin and felt a burning feeling. Then I set it aside and grab a hold of her and cradle her in my arms.

“But to break the curse you must,” she said stopping in mid sentence.

At that point I was worried for her and I put my hand on her neck to try to feel out a pulse but could not find one and realized that she had died in my arms. So I walk back to the hotel and went to my room. Sitting in my room where I played the mandolin. It was tune perfectly and I begin to play it till I decided to head home. I just sat there and begin to play, it was a sad song but it was a perfect sounding song. I got up and headed out the door. I couldn't help but think about what she said. I didn't know what she meant by to break the curse I had to break something but that something I didn't know what. I finally decided to pack up the mandolin in a case I manage to find on the way back to the hotel. I left the room and went down to the main lobby where I checked out of the room. After I check out of the room I head out of the building to go get a taxi. I started to notice the feeling of someone watching me from somewhere but I just shrugged it off and continued my way. Though I was paying attention where I was going I was bumped hard. I fell to the ground hard and slightly stunned.

" Watch out where you are going you puny little creature." Said the creature.

I turned to look at who said that and I notice that it was a reptile type creature that ran me over

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