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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fragile part 3 - by Raphela Palmer

Inspired by 'Fragile' September 2012

Radqua shifted her pack into a better postion and moved back alongside the stretcher to check on her patient. “How is she Radqua? “Still unconcious I'm afraid Tor'm”. Tor'm nodded, grunted and shifted slightly to better keep his grip on the back of the stretcher. Raneld had insisted on being at the front of the stretcher in order to direct them, and in truth it made sense, as Tor'm had not been into that part of the forest before. Raneld paused, the wind had got steadily stronger and stronger as the sky grew darker. “I think there's a storm coming. “Well let's hope it holds off until we get back to the village. Although we will likely have our own personal storm to deal with once we return and the Elders realise we have brought in an outsider. “Butl they can't refuse to help her surely? The rules don't say people can't enter just that they can't leave. “Radqua, the council make the decisions yes but final say on everything here is done via the High Elder and if he says no, then it won't matter what the rules say; you know this. Radqua nodded sadly and stared at the stricken form of her patient worridly.

An hour later as they entered the village gates, they heard someone shouting their names “Radqua, Raneld, Tor'm”. They all stopped suddenly as they recognise the voice “We're over here, Cleatha, please come and help us with this stretcher. “Where did all this fog come from asked Tor'm” Cleatha pulled her cloak tighter around her and hurried towards what she though was their location, calling out as she did so. The fog had become so thick it was almost impossible to see. “I'm coming Radqua, I don't know about the fog, it just seemed to appear about an hour ago. The Elders are very worried and have orgainised a Meeting. High Elder P'lo sent to me to fetch you all. And what was that about a stretcher? Who's been injured Radqua. OH” Cleatha, having finally reached them, stared in surprise at Ymara's unconcious and unknown, form. “She is not a tribe member Radqua, you know I must inform the Elders of her...her being brought here.” Radqua nodded “I know, I know.. but I couldn't just leave her there to die. “Have you found them yet Cleatha“? “Yes High Elder P'lo, Radqua has a patient. “Who? “I don't know her name High Elder” The High Elder sighed resignedly “Well never mind you are all three of you back now sotake her to the Infirmary and then Raned, Tor'm please go to the Hall for the Meeting. Radqua you may stay with your patient until I send for you. They all bowed and replied “Thank you High Elder.”

“1, 2, 3 heave. All right I think I can mange from here, you had better go to the Meeting, the Elders don't like to be kept waiting.” Raneld and Tor'm nodded, but as they left the Infirmary they speculated on what it all meant.

They hurried in and sat down quickly within sight of the Elder's bench, aware that they would be questioned about their decision to bring an Outsider into the Village. Just then the High Elder looked up and saw them.

"Ah good you have arrived. My fellow Elders, I have not started the meeting until now becasue new developments that I have just learnt of my be relevant. Raneld , Tor'm please sit there and wait for Radqua to join you. Cleatha Mo're, please go and fetch Radqua Isloth, and ask her join us. If her patient is not yet concious then stay with her until Radqua returns."

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