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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Orange Moon" by Llola Lane

"Orange Moon" by Llola Lane

Inspired by "Moonrise" by Faith Maxwell (April 2012)

The orange moon rises high in the sky. In the vastness of a universe that never ends it shares it's space with stars, giant planets, sister moons and other celestial bodies. There is much to see and the moon is just a tiny fragment in the heavens that are full of color and wonder at every turn.

Back on Earth the world is as vast as the universe, from the viewpoint of a tiny molecule. It bonds with other molecules to form rivers, mountains, trees, animals and humans. The fish swim in rivers that seem to go on forever. Mountains reach up to the heavens, and the animals that live in them surely must think they will never end. The tree tops peek out from the mountains and the birds that soar high over them can see the whole earth far in the distance of their universe.

I am human and tend not to stray far from my familiar surroundings. The Earth for me seems like something too big to conquer and explore, as is the universe. From what I have seen, it is a beautiful planet. I am lucky to be able to breathe her air, walk her soil, and swim in her oceans. Every day she yields something new for me to see. She is ever changing and I adapt to those changes.

The Earth has seen many things, as has the universe. She watches over the birth of new rivers, mountains, trees and even animals and humans. She guards us as a mother guards her child. Her resources are ever flowing and we are always finding new things about her, as we are about our universe. They both MUST be protected.

Clean and fresh are the heavens our Earth shares with the rest of the universe. We have yet to explore her neighbors. But for now... there is only one Earth. There is no other celestial body like her. As I look up at the orange moon I am thankful for this one Earth in our universe, and I am blessed to call her HOME!

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