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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Girl with the Plastic Smile PART 2 by SweetTrinityBaby Resident

The Girl with the Plastic Smile PART 2 by SweetTrinityBaby Resident

The rest of the way to work, all she could think about was this strange man and how her body had felt when it collided with his and the energy or electricity that had engulfed her being. His touch to hers was so fast, but seemed to have stopped time. In a sense it had shifted her whole universe. Susan could only think of how she wanted more of his touch and to see his distant face that had seemed so cold, but had to have held some kind of life to bring forth such power.

Susan looked down at her notes for the meeting that she still had in her hand. Trying to find the desire to care about it, she started to look over them again. But, it was of no use, All she saw was him. Her mind was unfocused and she could not think of anything else. Susan, being the boss and able to call the shots, pulled out her cell and called the office.

When Linda the secretary answered, Susan informed Linda that she had fallen on her way to work and was pretty banged up. Susan told her she would be taking the day off and that the staff meeting should be postponed until she could get back. Linda quickly jotted down the note and agreed to inform the other workers then hung up.

Susan took a breath as she hung up and slowly sat back on the bus seat to enjoy her long ride back home. Closing her eyes she drifted into a peaceful sleep. It was not long before she was awakened by the felling of the bus coming to a stop. She opened her eyes, and upon seeing it was not even close to her stop, she closed them again. Sitting with her eyes closed and trying to relax, she felt it again, that energy. She thought to herself, "Am I making this up in my head or is it real." Susan slowly opened her eyes and began scanning the bus passengers, one by one, until her eyes fell on him. He had taken a seat in the very back of the bus, alone. Susan looked him over, studying him for a few moments.

He was dressed like the night -- all black, hair and all. His skin was very pale, as if it had never once been kissed by the sun. He seemed so dark yet so lovely. She felt drawn to him. Everything within her wanted to get up and go to him, Susan clamped her hands on to the bus seat to keep her body from moving. "This man was not even looking up. He had no clue she was looking him over. What would he do if she walked over and sat next to him?" Susan wondered. The man looked up and met her eyes. Susan felt her hands release from the seat it was as if he had control over her. Before she knew it, she was on her feet, walking straight towards him. Their eyes never once breaking from each other, even as Susan took a seat next to him.

Susan felt like they were in a place alone, just wrapped in an energy field -- his energy. She had no clue what to do here but she had never wanted to leave. He had pulled her into a place of being that she had never before experienced and where she wanted to spend the rest of her life in this peaceful state.

Still looking at each other Susan asked, "What is your name?"

"I am called Devin," He answered.

Beautiful Devin! The name fits, Susan thought.

"And what is it that you go by?" Devin questioned?

"Oh, My Name? My name is Susan."

"Um Devin ... ?" Susan dared to ask.

"Yes Susan?"

"What was it that happened when I ran into you this morning? I mean that shocking energy I felt and feel?" Susan inquired.

"I'm sorry Susan, but your question is not that easy to answer, I can't give you what you're looking for right now." Devin answered.

"Wait, Your saying right now. So maybe later? Maybe I can get the answer later?" Susan asked.

"Only if you choose to stay around that long." Devin responded.

"Would there be any reason why I would choose to leave?" Susan inquired

"Susan, there could be many reasons why you might choose not to spend time with me, but none that I can talk to you about here." Devin said.

Unsure what to think or how to respond, Susan just sat staring at Devin. She ,new there was no turning back. She was already down the rabbit hole and she wanted to see how far it went and what was at the end.

>> Next Week: What is Devin Hiding!

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