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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"The Dance of Death" PART 5 (the end) by Llola Lane

"The Dance of Death" PART 5 (the end) by Llola Lane

The faces melt and fade
Death has tricked me again
Grandma and Grandpa are NOT with me
They will have to wait to see me dance
I am NOT home

Reality is starting to set in
Death is many things
It dances in my mind
Life has no guarantees
I dance with death every day

The death of childhood
coming to the realization of who I am
learning what I like and what I don't like
I AM an adult
now it's time to act like one.

There's the death of an old job
and the life of a new one
the uncertainy of knowing if I am good enough
the excitement of meeting each new task
and knowing I AM worthy

Old relationships die too
and new ones blossom
That first kiss that sends my heart soaring
and then the realization... the knowing...
that I AM loved!

The world is full of death and life
like a flower that dies
the seeds fall and a new flower is born
taking life from mother earth
Each life cycle better than the first

As I dance with death
for I am still dancing
I ponder these questions...
What reality am I living?
Isn't life just death and exhistance?

I live my life just going through the motions
I don't really pay attention as I should
Death constantly tugs at my life
My dance with death now slows to a stop
MY reality is... one day melds into the next

Time for ME to start each day as a new beginning
Make life count for me, and those around me
So that when I am finally gone
I WILL have made a difference
and I WILL be remembered!

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