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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"The Dance of Death" PART 3 by Llola Lane

"The Dance of Death" PART 3 by Llola Lane

Have I escaped death?
or am I just asleep?
I still see myself dancing
I can't stop
Is death still waiting for me?

The hand that touched my shoulder turns to bone
It was a trick!
I am NOT home
my heart races faster
I AM still dancing.

Death taunts me
it knows my weaknesses
it can read my mind
it knows I want to live
Oh HOW shall I escape death?

The walls around me are thick
I can see no door
I can't get out
The corpses surround me
They block my view.

My head looks up
I focus on the lights above me
They sway with the music
They shine from one spot
Is it the way out???

I climb to the light
but I just grasp air
It is thick and chokes me with smoke
maybe this is hell!

If this IS hell...
I want out!
Death sees me drifting closer
Is death in HELL?

I see no fire
I see no flames
I feel no heat
This can't be hell
I AM a good person.

Death comes closer now
but Death looks different
Death is not black and dark
Death is now white and glowing
Death is an Angel?

I am no longer scared
Death is calling my name
I walk to death willingly as if in a trance
Death smiles at me
Death holds outs out a hand

I take it!

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