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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"A GIFT FOR OZLAND" by Llola Lane (PART 3)

"A GIFT FOR OZLAND" by Llola Lane (PART 3)

I read the last (or so I thought) notecard with a puzzled voice, into Sven's ear... "Your quest is over... or is it??? You have 2 options... You can stop now and go back to the Linden and end your time... or... you can continue to look for the next notecard and receive THIS bonus... An extra 10 minutes taken off your total time!!! If you choose to continue click the link below. The choice is yours... but decide quickly."

I hadn't been keeping track of my time very well... but as far as I could figure the whole quest had taken me a little over half an hour. A good time... but an extra 10 minutes shaved off would be even better.... as long as it didn't take me 10 minutes to do the bonus. "What do you want to do Llola," I heard in my ear? "Let me see the clue... then I'll decide," I answered.

The clue mentioned the mushroom forest again. "Have a run in the mushroom forest, then cool off with a dip in the OZLAND Ocean." "Is that all it says," asked Lil sis? "Yep.. that's it." I shook my head... The OZLAND Ocean was a big sim to have to look for a notecard in.. There were over 500 prims... all with my name on them. "It's up to you," said Sven in my ear. "Well let's give it a try," I said... If it takes me longer than 10 minutes to find the notecard I can always quit. I was gambling I'd find it fast.

No time for the helicopter... so POOF... I was at the Art Gallery and running for my life in the mushroom forest. "There MUST be a reason they have me running in this forest," I said to Sven. "Why send me here if the notecard is in the OZLAND Ocean sim???" Running in the forest my camera had a different angle, than if I was looking at it... I looked around... I saw the shoppes... I saw Shugaaa's artwork.. THEN.. I spotted it! The door!!! "Doesn't that door go to the shipwreck? UNDERwater???" I asked Sven??? I'd forgotten all about it. And upon re-reading the notecard I noticed it never did mention a sim... just the OZLAND Ocean. "I bet that's it," said lil sis as she landed her copter. She got out of the copter and headed for the door. I hopped out of the picture and clicked the vortex, and with a shimmy and a shove I was on the OZLAND Ocean floor.

Frantically I start clicking everything in sight looking for the prim with the notecard in it. I didn't have to click long... I got lucky this time and found it in the 5th prim I touched. The ships' wheel. I grabbed the last notecard and was off to the pub in a POOF! The Linden was standing there waiting for me. I quickly gave her all 10 of the notecards plus the bonus and the time clock stopped. Minus the bonus.. I was down to 21 minutes and 30 seconds. Not too bad.

Now all I had to do was wait. The quest was ended and I did the best I could. My residents would be proud of me. I hadn't told any of them. Only Sven and lil sis knew. I didn't want to get their hope up. The winners would be told, via my e-mail, the day before Christmas. I knew I'd be heading to Michigan to be with the family, but I was taking my computer, and the hotel had internet, so I wasn't worried about missing my g-mail.

It was a long drive to Michigan, and hubby tried to help take my mind off the quest by letting me listen to Christmas music!!! I hummed the Christmas tunes and daydreamed about the quest... The mistakes I'd made that may have cost me precious moments of time... The surprised residents if I won... My daydreams where all over the place.

We checked in to the hotel and first thing I did was plug in the computer. Sven was waiting for me on g-talk. A quick look at g-mail and NOTHING. Hubby and I decided to eat some lunch and I told Sven I'd be back later. I couldn't eat much.. but I knew I had to. My stomach was all in knots. I just HAD to win. SOMETHING... even if not the grand prize. We were back to the hotel an hour later and there was a g-mail waiting for me. DRUM ROLL.... I WON 1st prize!!! YAY... 6 months of FREE tier. I forwarded the g-mail to Sven and he typed back "YAY." We decided to wait til Christmas morning to send out the group notice to the residents. I was so happy... but I wondered... What time did the grand prize winner have, to beat me??? I wished Sven pleasant dreams and hubby and I were off to see the family for Christmas Eve dinner.

The dinner went well and I was so happy. I couldn't sleep when I got back to the hotel... so I decided to turn on the computer and write my group notice in a notecard before I sent it to the residents. Sven could check it for me before I sent it. There was a g-mail waiting for me. From the Lindens!!! Humm... what did they want now? I opened the mail and to my surprise... The Grand Prize winner had been disqualified for CHEATING!!! It didn't say HOW they cheated... but... I now became GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!! A whole year of free tier! My heart was pounding... Hubby had gone to sleep... Sven was asleep... I couldn't tell anyone! It would have to wait til morning. I left a quick note for Sven and wrote my draft notecard and g-mailed it to Sven and I was off to bed. My head hit the pillow and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

As soon as I woke up I turned on the computer. As it powered up, I washed sleepy eyes and face with a cool washcloth. Sven was there waiting for me. I got my usual "HI"... and his approval for the resident group notice. I told him to send the notice...

Dear Residents....

Last week Linden Labs contacted me about a contest. Long story short... I WON!!! It is with my GREAT honor to inform you that starting in January, you will NOT have to pay tier for the whole year! The prize is a years worth of FREE tier for ALL my sims, and I want to share the prize with you. You ALL have truely been wonderful to me, and this is my Gift for OZLAND! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hugzzzzzzzzz Queen Llola

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