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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"A GIFT FOR OZLAND" by Llola Lane (PART 2)

"A GIFT FOR OZLAND" by Llola Lane (PART 2)

I double checked the flowers by the chapel... Maybe I missed one. Tried INSIDE the chapel. Nothing... "Over here big sis," I saw shouted in chat. "Where are you lil sis," I asked? "Over by the graveyard... There are flowers over here." Oh my... I had totally forgotten that I had flowers on Annemarie and MissMichelle's gravestones. I touched the flower on Annemarie's gravestone first... Voila!!! There is was. Our lovely Annemarie was guarding the precious notecard. Got it!

Let's see... so far i've been to main sim.. SW sim and now the Ocean sim... 3 notecards down... 7 more to go. Just where too next was a click away. I opened the notecard. "The Wizard has words of wisdom for you." That was easy... The Emerald City at 500m was the only place the Wizard could be. I needed to make up a little time so I yelled to lil sis that I'd meet her up at the Emerald City... Double click on the map.. and POOF! There were a lot of places the notecard could be up here. I made my way to the Wizard's Castle. Clicking everything in sight.... but no notecard. It could be in ANY prim so I had to edit each build and look at the contents of each piece of that build. 5 minutes have just flown by and still no notecard... Lil sis and Sven try to give me places to look. A few moments more and I finally find it .... DUH.. in the Wizard prim entering the doorway... Duhhh. (slaps forehead)

"Heed these words of wisdom well... A welcoming heart is a happy heart." Now what the HECK does that mean??? Sheesh.. I hate puzzles. "Let's try the welcome center," I heard in my head. It was Sven being ever so patient as always. "Hop in the copter," said lil sis. And off we were on our way to OZLAND Main skyvillage. As we flew I knew i'd have my work cut out for me. Almost all the prims over there were in my name. Could it be so easy as to be in the Welcoming Center Sign??? I'd find out shortly.. we were almost there... "No need to land lil sis... I'm gonna just check the sign and see if it's in there." "KK," she typed. It WAS in the sign.. whew.. that made up some needed time. 4 notecards down.

Another short-n-sweet clue and we were off to the next spot. I'd already taken about 15 minutes to find the first 5 notecards. The next 4 were equally as challenging. A half hour now. I wondered how the other sim owners were doing? I had been all over OZLAND... high... low... Some of the notecards had even been on resident's properties. What adventure could the LAST clue hold. Number 9 notecard found.. and the clue was more puzzling than the others... "You will have to take to the heavens to find the 10th notecard." "That means I will have to fly you there big sis," I saw in chat. "umm hummm" "Think Llola Think," I said to myself. Where HADN"T we been yet??? "I've got it!" I said out loud... "Our sandbox" "I know where it is big sis... hop in the copter." I had a LM for the sandbox but this was more fun being with lil sis in the copter.

UP UP UP we went high in the heavens to the sandbox. I had almost 200 prims to look through. Sven and I had been getting things ready for the next treasure hunt so we had prims all over the sandbox. Christmas trees... presents... boxes... the prims seemed endless. Of course it would be in the LAST thing I looked at... A tiny Christmas Tree sitting in the corner. WHY hadn't I started to look in THAT corner first??? My quest was almost over... This was the last notecard.... or so I thought!

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