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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Blended Saga, Part 13: Running Out of Options by Zhu Juran

The Blended Saga, Part 13: Running Out of Options by Zhu Juran

Recap of The Blended Saga:

Zasu has left RL to live in SL with her lover (she was looking at a landscape with a white disk when it happened). Her lover apparently already lived there. Her friend Zola looked for her, but no clues ever turned up.

Zola started a product line called ZOLAshes which was very successful. She became fabulously rich, then lost it all in a product lawsuit.

Zasu’s lover left her in SL over a misunderstanding. He disappeared without a word, and Zasu was heartbroken. Eventually she decided that something had happened to him, and began looking. We learned that after returning to RL (we still don’t know how), he was in a severe accident, was in a coma, and has now awakened, but has amnesia.

The white disk has plans to become Supreme Disk of the Universe, to which end it entraps people who visit SL, and brings them from RL to the SL grid to live. Zasu’s lover was one of the early ”followers”; he is the only one who has ever returned to RL. The white disk is determined to find him and bring him back, and has just located him in RL. For the first time a white disk (there are many!) travels from the SL grid to RL, and it has settled in the hospital room to plan its next move.


Panting, she continued her jog through the woods, enjoying the smells of the forest - pine needles, fresh mushrooms, that undefinable smell of fall. Lady LaForza’s words still ran through her head: “Your lost lover is alive”. Such hope in those words, yet she really had no idea if they were true or not. Yet she didn’t know what to do next! She had already searched the grid as many ways as she could think of, and others had done the same for her (for quite a large number of lindens!).

She looked around, the woods were now unfamiliar. She’d been thinking so hard she’d either gone further than ever before, or had taken a wrong turn. Looking up to see her location, it said, Ozland East. East! She’d never even heard of an east Ozland. She stopped, called Toto to her, and looked around. The mushrooms were quite large here, and seemed to be getting even larger. A flurry of particles appeared before her, then a woman stood in front of her. Her title said, Lady Zhu, Ask Me Anything. Lady Zhu smiled at her, but said nothing.

Zasu smiled back weakly. “Anything?” Lady Zhu nodded, understanding exactly what Zasu meant. “Well, where is he then?” Lady Zhu didn’t ask who Zasu meant, she appeared to know. Her particles got brighter and brighter, changed colors then went back to white and subsided. “He’s left the grid.” Zasu’s mouth fell open. “How?” was all she could say.

“Emotional trauma caused a break in the grid continuum for him. He found himself back in his original world, although many many miles away. Unfortunately, he was in a severe accident before he could complete rezzing,” (Zasu gasped and clapped a hand to her mouth) “but he lived,” Lady Zhu continued. “He is being well cared for, but he has no memory at all.”

Zasu began crying with relief and frustration and despair. “Who are you, and how do you know all this?” Lady Zhu replied, “That is a question I’m not prepared to answer.” And she disappeared in another flurry of particles.

Still crying, Zasu picked up Toto up and hugged him. “What am I going to do Toto?” He licked her face. “I just want to go home!” More particles appeared, surrounded her, and Zasu and Toto disappeared.

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