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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"A GIFT FOR OZLAND" by Llola Lane (PART 1)

"A GIFT FOR OZLAND" by Llola Lane (PART 1)

"On your mark... Get set... GO!!!!" The starting pistol let out it's bang and I was off. THIS would test my skills and knowledge of OZLAND. The prize was too great to pass up. It's the ONLY thing that would make me even THINK about doing this Quest.

"You can do it Llola," said Sven when I got the g-mail from Linden Labs. "I'll be there helping you every step of the way." Even lil sis chimed in she would help, and follow me in her helicopter, so I didn't get lost.

A YEARs worth of FREE tier was the GRAND prize! Even first prize wasn't bad... 6 month's FREE tier. Second prize was 3 months and Third prize was a month. For OZLAND I would do it. The residents were worth it. They would be so happy with no tier payments for a year, if I won the grand prize. I would share the wealth. They've all been so good to me. This would be the BEST Christmas ever for OZLAND if I won!

The rules were clear enough... I would be allowed 2 helpers. There were other sim owners competing too, in their sims. Only those sim owners with 20 or less sims were being contacted. It was LL's way of paying back all our SMALL business. The best TIME would win. A Linden would be doing the timing and be waiting for me at the finish line. I knew OZLAND like the back of my hand. Not sure the other sim owners could say that. 10 notecards would be HIDDEN around OZLAND. I needed to find them, grab them out of the item they were hidden in, and follow the clues in the notecard to the next spot. I was not allowed to cheat and use beacons.. etc. I would have to give LL permission to modify my stuff, so they could hide the notecards in MY prims... VERY clever. I wouldn't be able to cheat and look for a linden name, NOT that I would. I filled out the form and scheduled my QUEST for the week before Christmas.

So... Here I am... at the pub... reading my first clue, that the Linden handed to me... "Look for the Cowardly Lion" was all it said. Hummm.. we have the marble lion by the manor. I headed there first. "There's also one in OZLAND NW by the Emerald City," I heard in my ear, as Sven's voice reminded me. Lil sis met me on the rooftop of the manor. She hadn't known about the Marble Lion. Right click.. Edit... No notecard.. it must me in the Lion at the Emerald City. "I'll meet you over there lil sis," I said on voice. "KK" she typed. Double click on the map and POOF I was at the Emerald City. I had to find the box the Lion was rezzing from.. It was after all a poofer. I wasn't allowed to use beacons.. so I clicked around til I found the box. Ah.. got it!

The notecard read "Hope you like Mushrooms!" Ha.. I knew that clue... I had just helped Ginger Lorakeet put up her artwork for this month... Her IN WONDERLAND, piece of art had the only mushrooms I could think of in OZLAND. Sven agreed and I was off. Double click on the map and POOF I was at the Art Gallery. By this time I'm being bombarded with IMs... "Where are you big sis??? I'm by the Emerald City... Sheesh.. You are not here." I chuckled and quickly typed... "At the Art Gallery." I found the artwork but then it dawned on me... It was not in my name. All the notecards were in prims with MY name. I was stumped. "The voice in my ears rang out again... "The OZLAND PICTURE STORIES poster, Dear." Sven's voice was patient. "Right.. duhh.. got'cha." Right click... Edit... Got it!

The next clue read "Pick some flowers and say a Prayer." Oh goodness this was going to be tricky... We had 2 churches in OZLAND... At the skyvillage and over in the OZLAND ocean sim. Lil sis was flying over head. "Hop in big sis... I'll fly you over to the skyvillage." I did as she asked with no argument. It was faster for me to click the map.. but I wasn't gonna argue. Besides... so far this was a piece of cake. I was making good time. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. We flew across the sim edges with the greatest of ease. Lil sis is SUCH a great pilot. I camera'd down by the church... There were flowers by the fountain... NOPE... inside the church.. NOPE.. no notecard. A few moments later we were on our way to the chapel in the ocean sim. I could hear Sven in my ear breathing. "You're doing fine Llola," he said. I hopped out of the chopper by the chapel and I started clicking every flower in sight... No notecard. This was getting frustrating. I was spending too much time on this one. Just WHERE could that notecard be??? I was baffled....

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  1. alread finished reading cant wait to get to part 2