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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"The Past" by Gabrielle Wind for May 2014

"The Past" by Gabrielle Wind for May 2014

“Nope I just going to help you out from now on since I seen the power you have with in, but it seems you are still having a hard time controlling them.” She said looking at me.
“Yeah I seem to only have good control of the fire and earth powers but I not sure what the water wind and ice powers do, but it feels like there one more but i can't place it.” I said shrugging some.
“They come out, and when they do you can call on me to help,” said Jaylyn with a smile.
“Sure will Jaylyn,” I said winking at her, and then we parted ways parted ways. 

A month later, I found myself sitting at a bar drinking on some rum think what happen.

“Why did he stop that bullet for me,” I thought to myself as I look down at the counter tracing a dark spot on the wood. 

I stood up, quickly drank down the last of the rum, and I left the bar. When I got outside you would have thought being July it be hot and sunny outside, but this time there was ten feet of snow on the ground. I shrugged it off not knowing that it was my powers causing the snow.

When I got home I was greeted by Luna though I just walk by her, but she already knew why I was upset.

“Mom if you need to talk I am here, but please cheer up for me,” she said with a smile.

I look back her and sigh some. “It hard when you see someone die in your arms who you really care for,” I said softly yet sternly.

I walked down towards my room, but I decided to go to the armory room instead. When I got to the room I looked around I notice that there was one bullet missing out of the ammo rack.  
“I wonder who took a armor piercing bullet,” I thought to myself, but shrug it off thinking I just grab one to many and left the room.

“Hey Luna, have you seen anyone go into the armory room?” I said slightly puzzled.

“Umm just Jake, but he didn't seem to have anything when he came out mom,” she said kind of puzzled her self. 

As I was look around the room I took a deep sigh. 

“Hey Jake! Where are you?” I said over the telecom, but there was no answer just static.  I let out a deep sigh as I look out side at the snow. “Now that odd it snowed and it the middle of June,” I thought to myself shrugging it off and grunted as i walked to my room.

“Mom are you ok?” Luna asked sounding worried.

“Kind of, but I don’t think Corry was killed by accident. I believe he saved my life,” I said entering my room. I looked on the table and grabbed the bullet  that I found in Corry dead body. “It one of my bullets but it looks modify though,” I said with a small sigh. “I going for another drink.”

A few moments later I found my self back at the bar but this time I wasn't drinking 

“So, do you think he will come to that bar?” Luna asked. I heard the worry some  sound that came out of her. 

“No doubt he hiding for a reason I going to find out why,” I said stopping mid sentence as I look up and lock eyes with Jake. I chased him out the door and eventually caught him and pin to the snow which was melting from under him. 

“Give one reason why I don't burn you alive,” I said. As I felt my anger was beginning to rise i also begin to feel hot. Then all of a sudden felt a prick in my neck and I begin to black out. 

Few moments later I came to. I suddenly thought to my self what kind of dream did I have where I seen a small girl next to a jackalope and a chair floating on water. I just shrug and look over my body and notice that I had cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I let a deep sigh out.

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