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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Fast As Fast Can Be" by Llola Lane Part 1

"Fast As Fast Can Be" by Llola Lane Part 1

He saw the girl looking at him. He knew exactly what she wanted. He could tell by the look on her face. She wanted... HIM! Well he wasn't gonna let her catch him, that was for sure.

She stood there staring at him. She carried an umbrella... Silly girl... It wasn't even raining. And she had boots on... Did she think it was winter? Well.. there was snow falling and it was a bit nippy out. A chill went down his fur. He wiggled his tail and twitched his nose at the girl.

They stood staring at each other for what seemed hours... but it was only minutes. Then... she walked closer. Her shadow was almost upon him. She was too close for comfort. He hopped a few steps away. He was ready... But... the question was... WHEN would she make her move?

The girl spoke to him calmly. Saying "Nice jackalope... I'll take care of you... Don't be afraid." It was a very soothing voice. He could be hypnotized by her tones... if... he let himself be hyptonized that is. He was smarter than that. He wouldn't fall under her spell. She kept talking to him and moving closer. Too close for his liking. He hopped a few more steps away. She reached her hand to touch him... And he was off...

The chase had started. The girl came towards him and he sprinted for the treeline. He was faster than her. He looked back to see her fall flat on her face in the sand. She wasn't hurt... just her pride. The umbrella she was holding was folded in half. It wouldn't be of much use now.

He laughed as she lifted her fist to him and yelled... "I'll get you jackalope! You can't run from me." She left the umbrella in the sand and started running towards him. She tripped over a stone and fell again.

"Fast as fast can be... You'll never catch me!" the Jackalope yelled back to the girl. He made is way to the trees and quickly found a hiding spot in a prickly shrub. She was still busy trying to stand. Her foot was now stuck in a hole in the sand. He thanked the heavens for that hole. It allowed him to hide in the woods without her seeing where he went. He sat quietly as she looked in his direction. The look on her face was not a pretty sight. She had sand in her hair and in her mouth. She was spitting it out and wiping it with her sandy hand. He laughed.

When the girl looked up and the Jackalope was gone. She knew where it was heading... to the trees. She looked back at her umbrella... It was broken. She was covered with sand and mud and she was mad. That jackalope wasn't going to get the best of her. She wanted it and she was determined to make it hers. The wet sand clung to her coat as she tried to dust it off. A few moments later she was running to the trees to find her prize.

She stood at the edge of the trees looking for movement. Then she thought... "if I were a jackalope... were would I hide?" Her eyes looked around the trees and spotted a thicket at the edge. A perfect spot for a jackalope to hide. She moved closer to the thicket. Her eyes saw something move. It was him! He was a clever jackalope hiding there. But she had keen sight and saw him move again. Her hand reached into the thicket to grab him.

The jackalope saw the girl moving towards him... he crouched down low. His antlers matched the thicket branches. He would be hard to find... or so he thought. He twitched as her eyes came to stare straight at him. She stuck her hand in the thicket and he was off in a dash. She fell into the prickly branches just as her fingers touched his antlers.

The Jackalope laughed and yelled... "Fast as fast can be... you'll never catch me!" And was off to find a new hiding spot.

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