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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Fast As Fast Can Be" by Llola Lane Part 2

"Fast As Fast Can Be" by Llola Lane Part 2

The Jackalope laughed and yelled... "Fast as fast can be... you'll never catch me!" And was off to find a new hiding spot.

The little girl felt the jackalope's antlers on her skin for a second and then he was off. She watched as he darted out of the thicket behind her. Her foot slipped and she fell... right into the thicket. She swore. That jackalope was proving to be harder to catch than she first anticipated. Her hand was scratched. Her arm was scratched. Her face was scratched. Her pride was scratched! She had to get that darn jackalope.

She lifted herself out of the ticket. There were branches stuck in her gloves... her coat.. even in her hair. She stood up and looked around for the jackalope. She didn't even bother to clean herself off. Turning around she saw the jackalope as it hopped under a car in the distance. Off she went after him... determined she would catch him this time.

The jackalope was sure the girl had not seen him this time. She looked a sight all covered with thicket branches... He snickered... "Fast as fast can be... she'll never catch me!" But he spoke to soon. He saw the girl pick herself up and run towards him. That girl must have eyes like an eagle. He huffed and puffed and wiggled his way under a car. Surely she couldn't catch him now!

The girl ran knelt down on the cold ground and peered under the car. She saw the jackalope crouched under the far tire. Her arms reached to grab him but they weren't long enough. "I'll get you yet jackalope," she muttered to him. He twitched his nose at her. She wondered just how long this little race would last. She was cold and tired and she needed to get home. Her mother would be wondering where she was.

"What's going on here," a big voice boomed?

The girl jumped to her feet startled. When she looked up a large policeman was looking down at her. His badge glistened through the fog. Out from his nose puffs of frost spewed forth. He looked like a prize bull charging his prey.

"I'm trying to get my jackalope," the little girl told him. "He's hopped under this car. I tried to reach him but my arms are too small." She pointed under the car as she spoke.

The policeman took out his flashlight and crouched down on one knee. The flashlight beam caught the jackalope in the eyes and made him blink. He was blinded!!! But only for a moment. This girl now had someone to help her catch him. He had his work cut out for him now. "Fast as fast can be, they'll never catch me," he laughed. He looked around his surroundings and came up with a plan. He waited for his moment.. and then it came.

The policeman saw that he could not reach the jackalope so he walked around to the other side of the car to get a better look. As he walked the jackalope saw his moment and darted out from under the car into the nearby woods again. The girl followed the policeman so she didn't see him either. He was safe... for the moment.

But the jackalope is a naughty critter. He couldn't leave well enough alone and saw his chance to get back at the girl and the policeman. When they both knelt down to look under the car... the jackalope ran his antlers into the policeman's tushie and then the girls. They both hit their heads together and fell into the car door.

The jackalope just laughed... "Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!" And ran back into the woods.

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