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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Freedom by Gabrielle Wind

After that I saw one of them rush me with his sword drawn. I quickly begin to concentrate on the symbol making it glow I pull upwards drawing my own sword out of the ground just in time for me to block it.  I push him back and found my surrounded.

I looked around and took a deep breath in and begin to speak, “Hey I wouldn't do this if I were you I said looking towards the leader. You just going to end up captured and thrown in jail.”
“Your bluffing!” He said, “You can't capture all of your out numbered.”
“That what you think,” I said as I sat on the ground and started to draw another symbol in the ground.
I notice that they stood there for a while but just then one ran towards me. I heard the foot steps as one of the men ran towards me I begin to focus on the drawing and it begin to glow and the next thing a box came out of the ground and captured them all.
“Now, I told you if you attack you get captured.” As I look around counting to make sure they were all there, but I notice one of them were missing. I close my eyes and begin to concentrate on the sound of the foot steps. Then with a heavy sigh I decided to pull out my pistol from it holster inside my boot. I aim it right for his head, I watch him stop dead in his tracks and with that I stepped on the symbol again and focus on it and finally captured the last guy.
“Stop right there,”said a man on a horse riding towards me.
“Abby what you doing here. Do you know you have a two million dollars bounty on you?” He said as he was getting off his horse.
“That explain why I keep getting attack by things.” I said taking out some rope and grabbing the first guy wrist together. “I guess you know Mel.”
“Yeah I do know her I was suppose to marry her, but the advisor is wanting to gain the throne even if that mean killing the people who are direct line.” He said grabbing the rope from me.
“I see,” I said watching him closely. “I sorry but I will need to use your horse. Abby doesn't have much time before they both disappear.”
“Wait your not Abby are you.” He asked with a puzzled look on his face.
“No, I am not my name is Gabby. I came from another dimension.”  I said while getting up on the horse then laying across it. I took out a small pill and put it in my mouth and swallowed.
“Wait! What did you just take Gabby?” He said surprised at what I did.
“Oh I just took a sleeping pill.” I said grinning a bit then slowly passed out.
Moments later I came to and I look around to find Abby other half. I scooped her up then look down and sigh.  I begin to think on how to get out of here.  Then it dawned on me that I could fly out here.
“Computer do I have my jet pack on.” I said connecting to the computer.
“Well of course you do I don't see how else you be getting out that tower.” The computer said.
I grumbled some but I got close the window then I heard a shot from down below then I had no choice now but to take off and I did just that.
Moments later I got back to the house with her and lay her on the table and smile at Jaylyn and Mel and headed back out the front door. I notice everyone was trying to grab something to use as a weapon and headed to the front door. I looked out the window and as my fears there was a horde of zombies standing in the golden fields to the north of us. I sigh heavily and headed back to Jaylyn to see if she finished.
When I got to the room I saw Abby and Mel hugging each other.
“I missed you so much mother.” Mel said laying her head on her mother shoulder.
“I missed you to my daughter.” She said as She looked into Mel's eyes.
“Excuse me but we have a mass horde of zombies building up out side of the golden fields just pass the scare crow.” I said with some concern.
“That advisor of mine stole my book. He corrupted it and turned it in to an evil book. He is very greedy you know, but any way the only you can really destroy them for good is to burn them or use enough energy to burn them that way.” Abby said with a small smile on her face. “I make sure to make an example to the people who cross me but with I seen, but doubt I will have any trouble.”
“Well for that I will be outside,” I said walking towards the door letting out a soft giggle.
I walk outside and headed to the fields where the zombies were coming from but I look closely and notice these were zombies that I fought before.
“Hmm think I can kill majority of them,” I said to myself,  “Well enough to get to that book.”
I continue to walk towards the zombies and I notice they weren't attacking me till I got close to the advisor then they started to move.
“Oh what bring you here in front me. Are you here beg for mercy?” He said with a smirk on his face.
I look him dead in the eye I sat there wondering why he had so much anger from towards Abby.
“I came here for my book and I am intend to get you had it long enough to corrupt it into something evil.” I said getting closer to him.
“Oh you don't remember how we met do you. It was that day when you corner me in my house. You captured my parents and you even blinded me in one eye. So why would not I be upset.” He said getting upset.
“That not my fault, but you can give me that book back or you can join your parents.” I said getting a bit frustrated and reach for the hilt of my sword. I took a hold of it. “Oh by the way i do know the weakness of these zombies.”
“Oh really now do tell what is that weakness,” He said with a smirk at me.
“Oh, they hate fire don’t they,” I said grabbing the hilt of my sword and when I pulled it out a blade of flame came out. “Before I kill you what is your name.”
I heard a low growl coming from him as he spoke but realized something that I seen before.
“That really doesn't matter now what matters is that you going to kneel at my feet.” He said with smirk and he stood up and walk towards me.
I couldn't help but giggle as he walk closer to me then I notice that he was close enough that if I used my fire powers he wouldn't get burned just blind for five min long enough for to get the book.
“You know,” I paused and suddenly I smirk towards him as I thrust my sword in the air. Then as I brought the sword down it burn every thing outside a six foot radius everything inside that radius would be blinded.
I quickly grab the book while he is stunned I ran back to the house where Abby was waiting for me to bring back the book so she can start cleaning the book.
“Here your book Abby,” I said handing it to her. “Oh another thing his spirit is captured by another being that within him.”
“Oh I know I was listening the spirit. That spirit inside him is a spirit that want me dead cause i kill his parents, but that spirit parents didn't leave me any choice they were going kill me and my daughter when I was pregnant with Mel at the time.” she said with a sigh.
“So your a spirit hunter to huh,” I said wondering why she being so calm to the news.
“Yes I am I rule this country and keep the evil spirits at bay to.” She said smiling at me.
“I glad I could help bring back to normal for your country, but I need to head back to where Jaylyn and I came from.” I said with a smile.
“Sure here the chip you need to regulate the rift.” She said handing me the chip with a smile.
I bent down and slide chip into the holder and smiles knowing I now can return home.
“Thanks for your help Abby,” I said with a smile.
“Nah it the least I could do after all you saved me from death and my country from falling into despair;” she said saying it with a smiling.
I nodded and smiled towards Abby and Mel then I looked towards jaylyn I guess homeward bound now I said watching jaylyn nod.
I open the rift door back into our time and we both step through.
When we came out the other side we ended up in another golden fed I was worried of we came home to the right time.
“Corry, Luna, you there?” I said wondering if any one was there my heart being to race in fear.
“I'm here mother glad to hear your voice,” Luna said over the telecom
“No joke glad to hear yours as well Luna.” I said with a ear to ear smile.
“ Well Jaylyn after that I don't think you cause any trouble are you,” I said looking towards her.
“Nope I just going to help you out from now one since I seen the power you have with in, but it seems you are still having a hard time controlling them.” She said looking at me.

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