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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Cool Autumn Breezes" by Llola Lane PART 1

"Cool Autumn Breezes" by Llola Lane PART 1

It was THAT time of the year again. Time for Barbara to visit her grandparents on their farm. She hated the farm. It was dirty and smelly and she always managed to ruin at least one pair of her expensive heels SOMEWHERE on the farm.

Barbara was a city girl with all her heart and all her soul. She loved the city's hustle and bustle. There was always something to do in the city... no matter what time of day or night. The farm was boring and there was not much to do except chores. That's right.. Chores!!! Whenever she went to visit her grandparents they always managed to find a chore or two for her to do.

Her grandparents were trying desperately to get her to love country life and settle down. Barbara knew that. She knew they worried about her in the city. But she was not a little girl anymore and she was just fine in the city. Besides... the chores were NOT helping her to love the country... in fact they were having the opposite effect... She hated being dirty and smelling of FARM!!! ughh.

She looked around her small one room apartment. The manager called it efficiency but she calls it home. It has all the comforts she needs. It's close to her job… shopping... restaurants... bars... her friends. What more does she need??? Yes... she is just fine in the city. Now... HOW was she going to convince her grandparents that???

Barbara lifted her suitcase up on the bed and opened it. With a pair of heels in each hand she could not decide which to bring. Well... she wasn't going to ruin ANOTHER pair of heels with this visit... She just wouldn't pack any. She tossed the heels on the floor and grabbed her old reliable tenni's from the closet. They were much better for farm life anyway.

Several hours later Barbara was at the station waiting for the train to take her to the dreaded country. WHY did her grandparents have to live so far away? It will take 2 days by train to get there and then she will have to take a taxi to the farm because Grandpa is too old to drive anymore. Barbara sighed, picked up her bags, and headed into the train to find her sleeping compartment.

Managing three suitcases and her purse was proving to be quite a task. She kept dropping them and having to pick them up. She didn't know how many people she bumped into or stepped on along the way. She just apologized, gathered her things and moved on.

Of course her sleeping compartment would have to be the last car on the train. If she had known she would have walked to that compartment outside the train where there was more room. It was surprising to her how no one had even bothered to offer to help her. Everyone was busy settling in with their own suitcases. Oh WHY had she not packed lighter??? It was too late now and she was finally in her compartment. "Now"... she wondered... "Who will be my roomie for this trip???"

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