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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"A World of a Secret" by Llola Lane

"A World of a Secret" by Llola Lane

"Dear Paco,
If you are reading this letter then I must be dead. I am entrusting you with the most valuable thing I own. It is worth more than all the money in the world. You asked me once a long time ago if "we would survive?" This could very well be the answer to our survival on this planet."

Master Vogel's pen shook as he wrote down the words. What he was doing was against the law. He could be put in jail for this...or worse... death. He didn't care... SOMEONE... HAD to know. He couldn't keep the truth a secret any longer. He trusted Paco and was sure Paco would know what to do.

He was fond of the boy. Ever since that day in the classroom when he talked to the students. Paco was different. He was inquisitive and eager to learn. Master Vogel didn't mind taking him under his wing. He taught Paco everything he knew about the world they lived on... Except this...

He continued to write....

"Paco, as you know it is against the law to roll or fold our world maps in any way. It MUST be displayed flat and in a frame. There are stiff penalties for disobeying the law... even death! So you must take great care in opening the wrapping of the item inside this box. Make sure NO one is watching and you are alone.

Many years ago I was working on a map project with my collegues and the map fell on the floor. It curled, and the ends touched. It was then that I noticed our continents did not match up. I quickly lifted the map to the table before the others could notice it was missing. But the continents not matching up stayed in my mind for many days.

When I was alone I examined the map closer. I curled it from north to south and from east to west and NONE of the continents matched up. It is like our world is flat, not round like we all think. Or are MADE to think. I searched the archives for years to see if anyone had traveled AROUND our world... I could not find a single account of anyone claiming such a feat.

So Paco...it is up to you... find out!!! Is our world round or flat? It is the key to our survival. But take care... the government will be watching your every move!"

Master Vogel signed his name to the bottom of the note and layed it on the table next to the box. His hands shook as he rolled up the map and wrapped the tissue paper around it and layed it in the box. He put the note on top of the tissue paper and closed the box with the lid securely. He taped the lid closed and put a label on the box with Paco's name on it. Then pondered where to hide it. Anywhere in the house was out of the question. The only place he could think of was his attorney's office. He decided to take it there the next day.

As he made his way to the attorney's office he was sure he was being watched. But it was his mind playing tricks on an old man. No one could possibly know what he had done. He was quite sure of that... almost.

Mr. Henney was a good attorney. Master Vogel trusted him with his life. The two men shook hands and Master Vogel explained how he wanted to change his will and leave a present for Paco. Mr. Henney promised to leave the box in his safe and give it to Paco when the time came. The two men drank a toast and Master Vogel relaxed as he saw his precious treasure being locked away, safe and sound.

On his death bed... Master Vogel TRIED to get the words out so Paco could hear him... "You asked me a question... many years ago Paco. Will we survive? If we are to survive you MUST uncover the secret of the world. It is up to you Paco."

He was frustrated. It was not his time to die. He had so much more to do with his life. Did someone find out??? Had he been poisoned??? He had been soooo careful.

He was having a hard time breathing. He could see a red light flashing. His time was near and he could feel it. He tried to form more words. Paco was asking him questions but he could not hear them. His world grew dark....

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