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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"A Fragile Earth" by Llola Lane

"A Fragile Earth" by Llola Lane

"A millennia ago our world looked very different," said the teacher to her students. "That was before the great earth shift. You can see how Efrika did not changed much, in the middle of the map. It was the only land that wasn't affected. Efrika used to be hot, dry and flat and not much would grow there. It is now a place where plants grow in abundance and vast mountains can be seen in all directions"

The teacher looked at her students. They were eager to learn. They asked questions about the old world. How was life back then? What were the people like?

"I have JUST the person to answer those questions," she said. And with that the door to the classroom opened and an elderly man came in to the room.

"Children... This is Master Vogel... He is the oldest member of our village and the only one left with the genes from our ancestors. His family has been here for generations, since the great shift. They built this place, where we all live peacefully. But it has not always been this way. I will let him tell you of how we came to be here."

Master Vogel looked at the children and then at the map. He sat in the chair that the teacher had set aside for him and adjusted his glasses. He was a very old man with wrinkles to show the years of time. He cleared his throat and the teacher handed him a vial of water. The children were quiet as they waited for him to speak. All eyes were on Master Vogel.

"My parents have told me the stories, as did their parents tell them... and their parents tell them... since the great shift. And now I tell you, that YOU may learn, and never forget the sacrifices that were made.

The world before the shift was full of darkness and greed. Nation against Nation... Country against Country... People against People... even Parent against Child.

"I WANT" had become the way of life. People did not want to work for things as we do now. Over the years they started taking what they wanted and never mind the consequenses. They took from the earth all she had to give, and when she was empty they took from each other. They took so much that the earth got mad and shook for years in warning, hoping the people would change their ways. When they would not listen she exploded in anger taking the people with her.

A handful of our ancestors survived the aftermath of her wrath. The earth had changed and our ancestors had to change with her. There was no more I WANT... now only the need to survive in the new world. Continents shifted and with time people changed. The survivors banded together to help one another.

Our ancestors found THIS land to be their home. It took them many seasons to learn how to survive here and many died. They planted crops, fished, and hunted. Daily life was a struggle. There was no technology left from the old earth on this land. They had to learn the ancient ways of hunting with bow and arrow.

It was years before any other survivors came to this land. One day my great ancestor spotted a ship on the water. It was a big ship with many people on it. It let out a boat and came to our shores. The people talked with our elders for many moons. A treaty was formed and some of them stayed to live with us here. Some of you children have genes from those people. It is a testimony that we MUST get along to survive.

Some of our people left on that ship and explored the new earth. They came back and told the people of the wonders of the new world. They brought back many gifts including new species of plants. They told the ancestors of giant fish now living in the waters and of the new people they had met on the other lands.

As the years continued, more people came to our shores and now we are a mix of all nationalities and races. The earth still shakes now and then, but now we remember and listen. We have learned much from our ancestors, and the lessons have been long and we have lost much. We must NOT forget."

Master Vogel stood from his chair and the teacher thanked him and helped him to the door. From the back of the room a child yelled..."Master Vogel??? Will we survive?" He turned to see who asked the question. A small boy had his hand in the air and a smile on his face. Master Vogel looked at the map hanging on the wall then... nodded to the boy and went out the door.

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