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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"A World of Adventure Awaits" by Llola Lane

"A World of Adventure Awaits" by Llola Lane

Paco remembered that day like it was yesterday. Little did Master Vogel know that he would light a fire under Paco that would never go out. That day in the classroom as Paco sat listening to Master Vogel tell his story of a world before the great shift, and of the new world with all it's wonders, Paco dreamt of seeing it all. The idea of going on a ship danced in his thoughts. He had explored every nook and cranny of the little island he lived on and he wanted to see more of the world.

From that day on, and through the years that followed, Paco spent many waking hours with Master Vogel. He was such a great story teller and teacher. Paco listened to each story with awe and wonder. Master Vogel never tired of Paco's questions. Even on his death bed Master Vogel told his tales. A new tale that Paco had never heard before... of a secret. "He must be hallucinating" Paco thought. "He is dying and does not know what he is saying."

"You asked me a question... many years ago Paco. Will we survive? If we are to survive you MUST uncover the secret of the world. It is up to you Paco," said a dying Master Vogel. "The world map holds the key to the secret. The world is NOT what we think!" Paco tried to ask more questions... What was the secret?? Why did Master Vogel not mention it before?? But Master Vogel died before he could answer any more questions.

Paco studied the world map for weeks. "The map is the key... The world is not what we think..." The dying words of Master Vogel kept ringing in his ears. He asked everyone he could think of, did the map looked unusual to them? No one thought it was unusual and they gave him funny looks when he asked. "It's just a map... nothing special," they told him. Maybe Master Vogel WAS hallucinating and they were just the words of a dying old man.

A few weeks after Master Vogel passed away, Paco was called to his home. He had been there many times and used to sit with Master Vogel in his study. Now, a bright young man sat in the chair behind the desk. He was dressed in a business suit. Master Vogel's widow sat across from him in a large upholstered chair. They both motioned for Paco to sit next to her.

"Paco... this is Mister Henney. He was my husbands attorney," said Mrs. Vogel. "My husband mentioned you in his will," she continued. "It seems he's left you something."

Paco shook the mans hand and sat down. He was intrigued. Master Vogel was a rich man and he could have been left anything. Mr. Henney lifted a large oblong box off the floor and put it on the table. It had a tag with Paco's name on it. It said "For Paco ONLY...DO NOT OPEN UNTIL MY DEATH."

"What is it?" Paco asked. "I do not know," said Mrs. Vogel. "I did not even know the box existed until Mr. Henney told me it was mentioned in the will." Mr. Henney pushed the box towards Paco. "You are supposed to open it when you are alone," he said. Paco took the box and shook it. It didn't make a sound. It was JUST like Master Vogel to be so mysterious.

Walking home Paco couldn't help but wonder WHAT was in the box. It normally took him about 10 minutes to get home from Master Vogel's house but today it seemed like an eternity. Was it riches??? Not that he needed riches. He was happy with his lifesyle and his apartment suited him just fine.

He had the box half open as he walked through the door to his apartment. There was a letter inside. Opening the letter he realized his hands were shaking. He loved a good mystery... and THIS was a doozie!

Dear Paco,
If you are reading this letter then I must be dead. I am entrusting you with the most valuable thing I own. It is worth more than all the money in the world. You asked me once a long time ago if "we would survive?" This could very well be the answer to our survival on this planet....

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