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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Paul Revere" by Llola Lane

"Paul Revere" by Llola Lane

Hush my darlings and you will hear
about the story of Paul Revere
Of how he traveled far and wide
up and down the mountain side
Over a river and through the woods
to deliver the message about the hoods.

First he lit two lamps, cause they came by sea
to signal his friends to tell the country
The British were coming, they had to say
coming their way, by the dawn of day
We had to be ready, and willing to fight
for a land that is ours, with all our might

He stopped at each house, and spread the word
and before the night was over, everyone had heard
With the help of two men, the news was spread
and it wasn't long, before the war was in our head
All we needed was the ammunition
so the three men set out to complete their mission.

On their way they were captured and questioned
two men escaped and avoided detection
Paul was questioned with a gun at his face
but they let him go cause they had no case
Hancock and Adams were in need of his aid
so off he rode to help before the raid

He did not waver, he did not rest
he knew his job, and he did his best
We spread the news throughout the land
and we suprised the British with gun in hand
If it wasn't for Paul we would be no more
for we'd all be British from shore to shore.

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