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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"A Full Moon Night" by Llola Lane

"A Full Moon Night" by Llola Lane

Lots of crazy things happen on a full moon night. The hospitals and police departments even put on extra staff because of all the craziness, and... I suppose tonight... will be no different. For it IS a full moon night!

I heard a story once, that on a full moon night, a girl went to the zoo with a gun and started killing animals and people alike. A bear was the first to be killed. She made her way into the cage and just shot it for no reason. She escaped with the police chasing her, and shot a zoo worker on her way into the gorilla cage... arms open wide... TRYING TO GIVE A GORILLA A HUG? All the while yelling "Ma'ma.. Michelle" before killing the gorilla. The police finally caught up with her at her house. One of the policemen shot her, and when they found her, she was lying dead on the floor clutching a box of Kraft Dinner.

It was also on a full moon night that some crazy person blew up the CN Tower in Canada. What a mess THAT was. The tower did not survive the blast and the fireworks were enormous. They found bits-n-pieces of a nuclear warhead in a dumpster. Pretty complicated setup too. It had a timer in case the remote failed (it didn't), a light sensor to trigger the destruction, and even a second trigger to set it off incase anyone tampered with it. Very clever that bomber.

The bomb went off just as the kicker's foot struck the ball, in the opening kickoff of the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos game at the Rogers Skydome. Thousands of people were killed... but thousands escaped... so I guess that bomber was robbed of the satisfaction of total distruction.

They figure it was set off with a cell phone. Everyone has cell phones these days so the bomber may never be found. Lots of groups claiming to have done it though.

There is always some glorious headline in the newspaper the next morning of a full moon night. I remember some time back, reading about someone found dead in the frozen tundra of Nunavut, on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It is a cold and desolate place where one can have solitude and isolation if they wish. The body was found totally naked, sitting in the snow, staring up at the moon. I wonder what makes someone do such a thing. The coroner said they were in perfectly healthy... no sickness or blood disease... no cancer... a young person too. Not dying of old age. WHAT would make someone give up their life like that?

I wish I could live forever. I know we all have our time. Sooner or later TIME is going to catch up with me. Maybe it will be tonight. I never know what a full moon night holds. Strange things happen to ME on a full moon night. I am already beginning to feel a change in me.

On full moon nights I try to get away from people, and the noise of the city. I run to the forest, it IS my friend. I have found many places to be alone in the forest. I have a favorite place I go to often, where the moon can be seen through the trees. There are rocks and boulders near a river that I sit on. The water in that river is cool and refreshing.

My mood changes on full moon nights. People are not safe around me. I get angry and I am easily annoyed. It is better for me to be in the woods alone, than with those I love. The animals usually love me in the forest, but on full moon nights they fear me. I don't blame them. I fear myself sometimes. I don't know what I will do or say. It is better for me to be alone.

The hurt, starts a few days before a full moon night. It begins in my toes and works it's way through to every part of my body. The doctors say it is all in my head. Lots of people claim the changing weather affects them. Every bone in my body aches and I crave for relief. I feed myself to help ease the pain, but it is only temporary. I feed myself with lust. Sometimes it is with, food other times it is with sex.

I can see the moon as I sit by the river now. The pain is unbearable. The night is deafened by the yells of my pain. There is no cure for this pain, only death. But.. I... want to live forEVER!

As the moon rises to it's fullest, and the changes in me are done, I am myself, no more. I feel the cold water, on what where my feet... and as the song goes... It's MY NIGHT... TO HOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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