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Monday, January 2, 2012

"Is it a Gift?" by SweetTrinityBaby Resident (PART 1)

"Is it a Gift?" by SweetTrinityBaby Resident (PART 1)
inspired by... SandraLee Palianta's artwork called Collage2

Walking into the room, she looks up and their eyes meet for the first time. Taking a step back she closes her eyes to calm her mind and thoughts. It was normal for Jan to pick up images off of people or "read" people as she liked to call it. She had a knack for knowing things about strangers and planning for things that were to come. But when her eyes met his she was so flooded by images that she could not take it. She did not know if they were from her mind or his, but they all meshed together. Intrigued and knowing that there had to be some deeper meaning behind it, Jan walked over to where this man was sitting. As she approached his table, she watched him as he looked down to his glass of red wine, his hand encircling around the rim of its base.

“Hello Sir, How are you this evening?” Is all she could think to say. Now what? What more could she say -- "I just saw your mind. Help me understand it?" She started to panic and rethink her move. But then, he looked up with a smile. “I’m well, and yourself?”

“I’m...” Pausing as the images flooded her mind again and then looking at his eyes, “beautiful” Then it hit her, what she just said and wanted to hide; but there was nowhere to hide. The man's smile got broader.

“Please have a seat,” he said as he waved his hand to the seat next to him. Jan turned and looked at the seat. Then, trying to be gentle in her movements but with no luck, she fell into the seat.

Looking down again at his hands, Jan watched as his finger circled the rim over and over. Then, seeing the images in her head again, she remembered the time clock and figured she could always just ask questions; it could not hurt. He did not have to know she had seen anything. She reasoned in her mind, “a clock could mean waiting and he is circling the glass rim so maybe he is impatient; so okay, a start.”

“Are you waiting for someone?” Wow, that sounds nosey! But who cares she thought to herself.

“No not waiting on someone, more for something,” he responded.

“Oh!” Jan said as she adjusted in her seat, “mind if I ask what?”

“I don’t mind. I just can’t give you the answer, because I don’t know yet.” He answered without looking up from his glass.

Even more puzzled than before, with many more questions, she opened her mouth to ask; but before she could, he answered.“Your answer is because I had a dream that something was going to happen and I needed to be here for it to happen. You came over to talk to me because you saw what I saw. You understand as much about it as I do. You saw my mind and I saw yours.” He stopped speaking and stopped moving and just looked up into Jan’s eyes.

She just stared, not knowing what to say. No one knew she could do this; not even her family. They would all think she was a freak. How does he have what she has and how can this be real?

His smile returned to his beautiful face. “No one knows about me either, and I guess we are, in a sense, kind of freaks. But yes, it is very real. Everything you think I can hear and see.”

“But that is not fair. For me, I can only see. So its more of a puzzle I have to figure out.” Jan responded.

“Then I guess I have a better deal.” He laughed at her.

“What is your name?” Jan inquired.

“Nathan. And yours?” he asked in return.

“I’m Jan, Nice to meet you Nathan,” she said with a smile.

“They call us 'physic,' you know?” Nathan responded.

“Yes. But are we? Really?” Jan asked.

“Well by all definitions of the word the answer is yes. But really, it's just a label for a gifting.” Nathan answered.

“A gifting? What gifting? This is a curse. Who wants to know this much about everything? I don’t want to feel what everyone around me feels or know what bad will come to me and those I love, I want to be surprised for once on my birthday, like a normal human being, I just want to be normal, not 'gifted' as you call it. I would give anything for someone to take it away.” Jan unleashed.

“But Jan, what if I could help you control it so it was not so overwhelming? You in charge of the gift instead of the gift in charge of you? Then it would be a gift.” Nathan said as he reached his hand over and placed it on hers.

Jan looked down at his hand on hers, then up at his baby blues. “If you really think you could teach me this then I will try.”


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