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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arwin's Santa Story Part 3 - by Relay Caedmon

Part 3 The journey

All the Helpers had became very very busy the last few hours. A group made different colored toys for children, while others had a serious discussion over the planning routes over christmas.
Santa himself sat in his chair with a troublesome mind. His Reindeers all got sick and the new inventions called the Santa bus was disapeared. He had lost contact with it for a few days ago together with one of his must trusted helper. He put on his com radio again, another new invention from his fantastic helpers.

-Santa Bus to central come?
He waited a while before he tried again
-Santa Bus to central come?
He looked at the small lamp who showed that the radio was on, yes it was on.
-Santa Bus to central come.
He scratched his big white beard in confusion, this should have worked. Maybe he needed to put it in for a major overlook.

I never had those problems with the Reindeers, he looked out his window and saw old rudolph resting in his stable. Poor Rudolph he started to be old. Santa still remebered when Rudolph was young, but showed great leader potential already already then. I start to be old too he thought maybe i need someone who can take over after me he thought. He scratched his beard again and sank back into his thoughts.

Yes maybe i should have someone taking over but who?
He started to go over his possibilities.
It cant be my wife, she was almost as old as him and she wouldnt be very interested really.
It cant be any of my many helpers either, they had a bad habit of being noisy, I cant choose any of them either. His most trusted helper then? Maybe he was a naturally leader but he could be too much sometimes, but was nice and very helpful to most people he met.
Maybe if it was someone from outside, he started to nod. Yes maybe someone from the outside who had a warm heart and soul, but who and where to search and find?

Santa had walked around like an ordinary man during offseason, mostly to see how the world outside northpole had progressed. It took about 60 years after the car was invented before he introduced it to the amazade group of helpers. He remembered how much problems they had over starting it at first, thats is why he ordered them to build a bus after his schetches. The first version had become a major failure who had the engine on the roof, and the interiors was filled with wheels instead of seatings.

The helper sat on a seat behind Arwin.
-This button is for stop the time
-Stop the time? Arwin replied
The boy looked at her with a smile.
-Yes it stops the time around you so you can sneak down and leave the christmas presents, how would you think we would have time to do duties who would take days even weeks in just a few hours time?
Arwins all questions over christmas slowly became cleared out for every question she asked the boy, so thats why all could get their presents in time to christmas. I wouldnt even thought about that before i asked you. She felt warm now in the comfort seat while everything outside the bus was clearblue beacuse they flied above the clouds. The sun warmed her even more and her heart felt light in a way she didnt had felt since she was a child.
Then she saw the a small mic attached to a display of some sort.
-What is this She asked?
The helper who just had been away to the box again shouted.
-That is comunication to Santa
-How do i put it on she asked, if we going to northpole he might like to know we are coming?
He jumped down from the box and showed her a small yellow button below the display.
-This is the button, and yes it could be nice to announce or arrival.
He smiled and went back to the myserious bag in the middle of the bus corridor.
She took up the mic should she do it, why shouldnt she all since she locked herself out from her own house her day had been more fantastic and unusual than any of her days ever been.
A flying bus
She suddenly noticed she still was dressed only in lingerie. How can i come to santa in this she thought.
She turned her head to the boy
-Do you possibly have any clothes i could use as we gonna meet santa?
He turned around opend the bag and came up with a warm black shirt and a pair of jeans.
-Thankyou that will be perfect she replied.
Arwin squeezed on the jeans half sitting in the seat and put on the shirt. Ah alot warmer and more comfortable really this will be better and better.
Arwin looked at the mic and the display and saw the words ready to call on the display.
Her hand pressed the button and she started to speak
- Santa bus is calling over and out
While she waited a broad smile came onto her face, i knew it would payoff to see all these cops movies. Tha radio was silent and she was about to try again when a spark came on from the Speakers and a old mans voice came over.
-Santa here over!


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