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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Arwins santa bus adventures Part 4 - by Relay Caedmon

The weather outside the window was fantastic clearblue sky and just some small hint of thin clouds at the horizon. Santa looked out the window, most of his worries had gone away after he heard and spoken to Arwin thru the radio. From her voice he could get that she was a warmhearted person, yet little stressed. No wonder he thought it was the first time for her, i will be careful with her. His eyes fell on the stable there he saw old grumpy rudolph stared at him. Poor Rudolph he thought it cant be easy to be sidestepped like this.

Rudolphs last christmas as active for the sledgerun had been a disaster, During the the route he missed the room and landed right into a dried pool. It took a while before santa finaly succeded to get up from the same. Good luck that the pool was emptied from water he thought. It okk even longer time to get up Rudolph from that pool and after that evening he was never the same again.

The snow cruched under his feet while he walked along his garden leaving footprints in the snow behind him, Tshould be here soon he thought he looked up at the sky again and now he could see a small dot closing in from the south,

-Ok so all i have to do is to keep a straight course before we land?
- Yes the boy yelled in excitment, landing was one of the funniest part for him much better than the startings.
Arwin felt little worried but at this moment she trusted the helper little more and she felt more confident in driving a flying bus after been on the air for over 4 hours. A Flyingbus!! This is crazy im driving a flying bus in borrowed shirt and jeans.

The bus to Arwins suprise made a very smooth landing in the snow and it didnt took long before the snow dust have calmed and she could see a santa from the buswindow looking at them with a happy smile.
-Welcome Welcome he Said with a wonderful warm smile on his face
-How was the journey to the pole?
-It was absolutely wonderful Said the boy with a happy grin.
I got a guest with me he added and winked at Arwin to step out from the bus.

Arwin swallowed twice and felt little nervous as she saw Santa in front of the bus with the boy. Her memories from way back came to life, when she belived in Santa. And now she saw Santa with her own eyes and couldnt really belive it. Yes it really feel unreal she thought.

Well it would be rude to not present myself.
-Hello mr Santa she said nervously I am Arwin good to see you Santa
She took the old mans hand as he reached out his.
-Good to meet you Arwin he replied very good to meet you and i see you met my head helper too.
The boy had jumped up to a chair he brought from the mysterious box and whispered into santas ear. He shined up as they both looked at Arwin who felt little out for a slight second.
-Soo Arwin you drove the bus all the way up here he said.
-Well i did it with little help from your Helper Arwin replied.
-Come Arwin let me show you around her Santa said.
The rest of Arwins day was spent in santas land there he and his helpers showed her around magical wonderful things who made her heart to feel warm and happy.
She saw a huge pumpkin big as a house with christmas decorations all around it.
Santas Reindeers he kept for old memories also got a visit from Arwin.
-Wonderful Reindeers Santa she said while give one of the reindeers some hay for it to eat.
She soon felt almost overwhelmed by impressions and went to a bed in a guesthouse beside the stables.
Arwin woke up in perfect mood the morning after and met Santa and one of the other helpers on her way to the morning table.
-Arwin we want to talk to you santa suddenly said
-Yes what is it
-Arwin I i have a suggestion for you and i wish you would think it over
Arwin didnt know what to say but nodded.
His friendley eyes looked at her when he continued.
-Arwin how did it felt to drive the bus yesterday?
She weighted her words, what to say to Santa. Should she said that she felt uneasy at first but later really enjoyed the ride.
-Santa i never expected to be here last morning when i locked myself out. And i found this bus when i looked for help. Your helper have been very helpful to me and i actually enjoyed to drive the bus, even if i felt uneasy about it at first.
-Would you like to drive the bus again Santa asked.
She looked at him and his helper beside him
-Please give me time to think this offer over

While she walked to the morning table Santa looked at his helper.
-Santa are you sure she is the right person?
-Yes i am sure i felt she have a very warm and good heart
-Yes but she but the helper went silent when he saw that he already made up his mind
-Yes maybe you have right then but will she accept?
-I dont know if she will accept but i really hope so.

Their morning breakfast went on while they chatted about all possible things.
Near the end she decided to give them an answer.
-Santa i accept but what more to do than drive the bus?
He shined up Absolutely wonderful that you agreed he clapped his hands i delight a few times.
Arwin started to feel little uneasy and worried again, did she went on something too big for her? But everything felt soo good and the helpers everywhere who helped her when she wished made that decision little easier.

Screw the locked door i will stay here she thought, it didnt feel freezing here she suddenly noticed when she glanced out on all the snow outside the window.
She knew her christmas just started as she once again sat in the bus who now was filled with helpers with mysterious boxes.
Hold on she shouted the bus door closed and once again the bus jumped forward in the start.
The bus drove right into a pile of snow and was by a magical touch gone.
Fantastic Bus Santa thougth as he watched on from the window at his office, and a wonderful driver too he added before he went back to warm molded wine who steamed from a cup in front of him.

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