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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Family Photo" by Llola Lane

"Family Photo" by Llola Lane
(Inspired by the From our Family greeting card)

Papa checked the tripod to make sure it was steady.  He wanted the family photo this year to be perfect.  None of those "store bought" photo greeting cards from HIS family.  He knew how to work a camera.  Paying someone was just spending money foolishly.  Looking through the camera he peered at his family. 

The children were restless.  Junior was tugging at his new hat and Sister was messing with her bow.  The only one who was cool, calm and collected was Mama.  She looked her Sunday best in her new bright red Christmas hat.  She had bought each of them a new hat and she smiled as she looked around at her family.

The scenery was perfect.  The freshly fallen snow made a wonderful blanket under the giant willow tree Papa had found earlier that day.  He had scouted all around the village until he found what he thought was the perfect spot.  The extra bits of brush and grass added a touch of color against the bright white snow and grayness of the willow.  The background coordinated wonderfully with their snowy white bodies.  The bright colored hats Mama bought popped a bit of color in an otherwise monochromatic scene.

"Now smile big for the camera," Papa ordered.  "The timer will start beeping faster just before the shutter opens.  I will take a few just to make sure we get a good photo.  Junior... I will stand between you and Mama.  Make room for me please."

"Yes Papa," Junior muttered under his breath.  He was missing his friends and wanted to go play.  Sister kept bumping him with her new hat.  "Stop fidgeting Sister... you're making dents in my chest!"  He growled at her.

"You're standing too close.  Give me more room then," she ordered to her brother. 

Mama was getting tired of their arguing and chimed in... "If you both stand still this will go MUCH faster and Papa will let us ALL go home."  She smiled at her husband.  She knew he was working as fast as he could. 

"The camera is already... Ok... Family... now... SMIIIIIIILE!!!"  He pressed the button and quickly took his place between Mama and Junior.  "Beeep... beeep... beeeeeeeeeeep” and the lens opened just as a big drift of snow fell on the family from the tree.

They were all covered with snow.  Their new brightly colored hats were now all white.  Everyone shook the snow off as best they could and had a big laugh.  They looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh.  Papa laughed the loudest when he went to check the camera and saw the photo it had taken.  He showed the family and they all roared louder with laughter.

"OK family... let's try this again... Now that we are all dusted off and clean," said Papa sternly.  This was taking way longer than he thought it would.  Maybe having a store photo would have been quicker?  "Nawwww..." he said to his self..."I'm going to get a great family photo, if it takes me all night!"  And with that he set the camera up to take another photograph and quickly stood in his spot.

"Beeep... beeep... beeeeeeeeeeep" ... check the picture... Junior was moving...  "Grrrrrrrr"... "Ok... Family... need to take another.  Junior... STOP MOVING.  Stand still everyone."  Reset the camera... run to his spot...

"Beeep... beeep... beeeeeeeeeeep" ... whooooooooooooooooooooshhhhhh... The wind blows everyone’s hat off.  They are scurrying to grab them in the photograph.  Reset the camera... run to his spot... Perspiration is running down his forehead. 

"Beeep... beeep... beeeeeeeeeeep" "Darn... grrrrrrrr"... Reset the camera... run to his spot...

"Beeep... beeep... beeeeeeeeeeep" ... An hour later Papa FINALLY had a good photo for the family greeting cards.  He had taken over 25 photos and now he had his prized family photo. 

As they made their way back home Papa showed everyone the photos he had taken on the camera.  They were so funny the family couldn't stop laughing.  "We had better quit laughing before we melt," said Sister.  But that just made everyone laugh all the harder.  "This was a fun day Papa," said Junior, and Mama kissed his forehead.  It was nice to have the family together, and forever how long it lasted she now had photos to remember them all by. 

They talked about the saying for the greeting card and everyone agreed to... "FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"

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