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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Vibrant Vampires – part 4 – Lillian Morpork

The Vibrant Vampires – part 4 – Lillian Morpork

“Well, guys, lets load up the van and go!” Vanessa called to the laughing, playacting group of vampires. They were all in costume, and trying to act as scary as they could, though that was hard, since they were all laughing too much.  Still laughing and giggling, they all gathered up jackets, music and instruments and loaded them into the van, while Vanessa watched and checked everything off on a list. She said she didn’t want to get to the Atlantis Pavillions and find they had left something essential behind.

Arriving a half hour early, they found their spot and as they unloaded the van, got things set up By eight o’clock they were ready, and Mrs. Palmer told them to start playing. They started with Vera on the keyboard playing Bach’s Fugue in D minor. She segued into It’s Hallowe’en, and the group sang along.

People were arriving and settling around tables, all in costumes. There were every super hero anyone had ever heard of, plus Frankestiens, Beasts, Buzz Lightyears, even a few Brides of Frankenstein.  There was the sound of greetings, introductions and so on, but muted, as many were listening to the music. The Vibrant Vampires were elated at the reception, and did their best. By eight thirty, the other band was set up and ready to go and the dancing started.

There were occasional breaks while the band had a short rest, and something to drink, so the Vampires were able to fill in with a song or two, or Vera doing a reprise of the Bach Fugue. The rest of the time, they enjoyed themselves, dancing or just watching, and commenting on some of the more unusual costumes. There was one very tall person dressed as a decorated Christmas tree, strung with led lights that flashed on and off. Another was a ‘little green man’ alien climbing out of his spacecraft and there was a cannibal, complete with spear, large cauldron containing a skeleton, and a cookbook labled ‘Courtesy of the Toronto Crematorium’.

Veronica giggled over that one, wondering if there was a recipe for bone soup in the book. During one of the band’s breaks, they played Monster Mash, and it was great hit, one of the guests calling out “that was incredible, you sounded just like Bobby Pickett!” Benji grinned and called “thank you!” as he sat back down.

And so the evening went, with the guests showing their enjoyment of the Vibrant Vampires’ spooky and funny songs. By 11:30 they were quite ready to sit and eat the delicious supper provided, as they watched the grand parade. They all cheered when their three favourite costumes won first prize in different categories.

They all worked hard for the guests’ supper break, and got a standing ovation when they played the last song, Do You Believe in Monsters. When it was over, they set about packing instruments and music, and the boys carried it out to the van, while Vanessa went to Mrs. Palmer for their pay. She rejoined the group at the van, with a wide grin. “Mrs. Palmer gave us a twenty percent bonus!” she exclaimed. “She said we were much better than anyone had expected, and the committee decided we had earned it.” Everyone cheered, though it was a weak cheer, they were all so tired.

“I will be very happy to go home,” Dennis sighed. “I have never worked so hard at a gig before. Bu t it has been a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me join you.”

“You’ve been a good addition to the group, Dennis, and we are glad to have you. I think we should keep together as a band. Back in the 70s or so, there was a group called the BGs, I think. We could be the VBs, or the GBs, the girls and boys, or someone might think up a better name.” Valarie said as she slid into the driver’s seat. There was unanimous agreement to the idea, but the sentiment was ‘let’s think about it later.’ Yawning, they all piled in, and Valarie drove away. “I’ll drop you guys off at you homes, you can pick up your instruments tomorrow.” The boys nodded, and said goodnight and thanks as they were dropped off.

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